Oh Youtube What Have You Done

Youtube is one of the hottest thing right now, Everyone is dreaming about getting Millions of views and Gold play button but at what cost ?

Here I want to talk specifically about Prank Videos and stupid challenges. Gone are the days when pranks made people laugh, These days when we watch pranks we skip a beat

And just to step up the game the so called prankster just go around and commit crime in the name of prank on complete strangers and expecting to get away just by saying “It’s a prank bro”. Pranks are for friends and family not stranger whom these pranksters put in danger for the sake of next big video

While I remember my childhood pranks being pat on someone’s back and stick a funny note but now it’s a different level where pranks are actually crimes

— So what went wrong ?

Everyone is in the race of becoming the celebrity on Youtube because

  1. Fame
  2. Good Money

It’s nothing new to hear about Youtuber’s buying big mansion or cars like Lamborghini or Ferrari but this also creates a sense of completion

Next after the pranks are challenges

My entire feed is filled with challenges and most of these are no authentic just made up by someone and since it went viral everyone is doing it

I respect the challenges like ice bucket challenge for ALS awareness but like said most are idiotic

Most idiotic one I saw was backpack challenges — Here you throw your backpack over one person. Like seriously ?

— What should be done now ?

Youtube has series of rules and regulations regarding the content creation, One needs to be regarding the videos where simply blurring the face is allowed.

I respect Youtube for the clean and child safe feed but every new era needs new regulations, This era needs to control the videos which provokes stupidity

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