You’re on a marathon race. I repeat, marathon

You’re running a 8km session and see so many people on the way run in a higher pace than yours, and they keep leaving you behind, one by one. You might feel leftover and tend to raise your pace just to make you feel better?

No. It’s not what marathon is about. Keep your pace, monitor your heart beat and normalise you breath, stick to the plan and head over to the next km one by one.

Then, believe me, you’ll see things that not only make you feel better, but also truly make you better than others. People who run at 2x of your pace will stop running and struggle with their breathtaking after a couple of hundred meters, then they would walk and stop shortly after that. People who run 1.5x faster than you will disappear on your way after a while. Maybe they have finished their 2km and go home. No judgment, but that is probably their own routine and they are just happy enough with it.

At the end of the day, the farther you run, the better you build your stamina and a strong heart.

But don’t try too hard.