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How does WisePass connect brands and consumers better?

WisePass is a lifestyle app launched a few years ago as a subscription service but the truth is its mission was to build this bridge between brands and consumers, how do we do so?

Brand building started a long time ago now. The main concept is how to reach the right target audience, the right time, the right place so they can get the right message.

Traditionally, a brand would blast strong enough a large audience enough to send the message across to the audience. With digital, the concept hasn’t changed much. Google and Facebook own several properties where you can reach these people and you just need to pour money in to reach the people you need to without caring much about relevance as long as they’ve seen the brand message. That short-sighted perspective leads eventually the brand to love relevance over time with the audience.

What’s the next thing then?

After studying years earlier the evolution of these platforms, it became pretty clear that technology usually focused first on building up a large number of users for a very specific purpose ( search for Google, social for Facebook ) and monetize with advertising.

This is what we call paid media. Brands would pay a certain amount of money to reach the users they want to target. They usually pay per impression or clicks for online advertising or they can pay a flat fee to be displayed on a billboard.

It’s been like that for more than hundreds of years and many startups follow this model.

What startups haven’t worked on is how to build a great owned media solution for brands.

A single brand alone can’t be relevant

For brands, it is really hard to stay relevant to their users themselves. One of the reasons why is because a brand usually serves a specific need for the consumer.

The consumer might be satisfied and then move on doing something else in their life. That’s why big FMCG brands try to position on some recurring needs in order to generate repeat sales to sustain over time.

The rest of the day, the brand will be forgotten and the consumer will do something else. She or he will go consume other products and that is the reason why it’s impossible for a brand to stay relevant.

Reaching your audience is always getting more expensive and less effective

Building a brand is a long process taking years. That long process is also having the challenge of constantly reminding the audience about the brand and send them relevant messages enough.

It’s also seen that all these platforms are serving multiple brands every day and it’s just hard for a small brand to show to the world how great its product is.

When looking at TV, it’s becoming more and more expensive to buy ads that drive an impact as effective as 10 years ago. Even Facebook that used to be extremely efficient the past few years have dropped in organic reach.

The way WisePass connects better brands and consumers

The first thing is that WisePass can track from the moment the user is reached online until the moment of consumption offline. The way we record it is simply when the consumer will redeem an item at the store through the QR code. As a business metric, it’s more meaningful and it is also recorded with an account that is used again in the future to become more relevant to that user.

A simple example is when our member goes out and redeems a bottle of Absolut vodka. We will then simply tag the user as an Absolut consumer and let the brand knows that this is an Absolut consumer and we can know as well how many times the user is intensely engaged or not with the brand based on the amount of time and redemption.

The second thing is WisePass is not a paid media but owned media. The brand can simply reach the consumer for free and it’s up to the consumer to decide to engage with the brand instead. It’s more organic, less intrusive and pushes the brand to send some relevant messages to each segment of its consumers. The company makes money only when there’s a registered interaction.

The third is the fact that WisePass is an ecosystem of brands that connect with each other. It’s possible to create some games, challenges, competition or lucky draws with consumers in order to interact with them and create a campaign fully integrated end to end in a couple of minutes. In other words, we made engagement easy for brands.

In summary, WisePass is taking marketing to a whole new level as it provides with more powerful tools to reach consumers digitally without being intrusive and more cost-effectively. This kind of tool never existed before and we will keep on updating it to make it more and more relevant to the all stakeholders in the ecosystem.



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