Premium Offer

Participants receive a Premium WisePass Membership for an entire year..

Currently in the middle of a pre-sale for its ICO, WisePass is offering an amazing deal for participants as an added bonus. From now until the end of the ICO, participants who contribute 20 ETH will be awarded a premium membership for an entire year. This offer is limited to the first 500 individuals who contribute this amount so its recommended to act fast while supplies last.

Since the final quarter of 2017, WisePass has offered a premium membership which doubles the subscriptions benefits and is accessible to its users in any city where WisePass is available. Choosing either 1 premium item or 2 basic items each day, members simultaneously increase their savings, wealth of options and social position. Typically used for B2B, a premium membership can certainly go a long way for an individual member.

Basic memberships are valid in the country where the membership is purchased while the Premium offers access to any WisePass venue around the world.

WisePass has greatly expanded its locations and services since it first started in 2016. Originally a bottle service application offering members a free bottle of Jack Daniels at 6 locations across HCMC for 6 million VND a month. Services available to members have since expanded enormously. Everything from Starbucks coffee to a haircut or beard trim at the highest quality barbershops are free and able to be enjoyed by WisePass members every single day. The company continues this strategic expansion with its latest venture.

A growing number of goods and services are available on the platform including VIP event access.

WisePass ICO promises to be a breakthrough project for the company as it introduces a utility token that will provide revolutionary purchasing power to consumers. PASS tokens — WisePass’ proprietary ERC20 cryptocurrency will allow its holders to purchase goods and services in the real-world. With no active alternative on the market, WisePass has the ability to fully utilize its many partnerships by introducing a cryptocurrency with real-world application. Having accumulated agreements with several high-quality partner venues to accept PASS tokens as a form of currency, WisePass will do what no other company has accomplished before.

PASS tokens can be used to purchase the monthly membership at half the price.

With an estimated 10 million cryptocurrency holders as of 2018 and an ever-increasing number of crypto adopters, the pool of potential users is incredibly vast. Bridging the crypto world to the real-world economy will merely be a continuance of what WisePass has always done — adapting the latest technology for real-world use cases.

Participants are awarded this special offer on top of the minimum 200,000 PASS tokens they will receive with their contribution. These will go hand in hand to guarantee members enjoy an exceptionally good time all year round. Purchases at partner venues using PASS also receive a 20% discount further increasing savings. Private-sale participants of this offer will be able to receive this package deal effective immediately while those involved in the public sale will be able to enjoy their membership after August 10, once the sale has completed.

WisePass is available on both iOS and Android. Download the app and try it for yourself.
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