The App that Keeps on Giving

In The Process of Making History with New Altcoin

Officially operating under the registered name WisePass Pte Ltd. since 2016, the company has gone through quite a transformation since its inception. Starting as a bottle service application — providing a free bottle of Jack Daniels to members at 6 bars across HCMC for a flat fee of 6 million VND. The application has since drastically expanded its services and locations. Now operating in 4 cities across 3 countries in South East Asia, there are big plans for the future.

For the same price as when the subscription membership started, members can now enjoy bottle service, a set lunch, dinner, CGV movie ticket, even a haircut and more every day at over 200 partner venues.

New markets mean new high quality venues for WisePass members to enjoy.

WisePass is currently in the middle of releasing an ICO which will use the funding raised to not only further expand to new markets but also create even more benefits to users.

Crypto has the ability to create the wealth of the commons. A new way to leverage the ‘wealth of networks’ rather than the typical vertically integrated top-down owned and operated companies.

Amongst the leading benefits of developing or contributing to an ICOs is that for the first time it allows non-accredited investors to participate in a company’s development process. This helps to expand the community involved with WisePass and allows participants to have a say in where in the world the lifestyle subscription platform should be available next based on where PASS tokens are sold most.

Blockchain will revolutionize the reliable transfer of data at all levels of the supply chain.

With the inherently decentralized nature of cryptocurrencies and blockchain, PASS owners will be able to use their tokens in universal contexts regardless of what country they find themselves in at any given time.

Without the restrictions and necessity to use each country’s individual currencies, PASS users can travel and purchase as they wish without losing their hard earned cash to high service fees charged by exploitative currency exchange offices.

With no current service successfully implemented to the market which allows for cryptocurrency investors to use their crypto earnings to seamlessly purchase tangible goods and services in the real world. WisePass’ utility token PASS will use Ethereum’s blockchain technology to transcend the existing process of purchasing items and provide the new-age of purchasing power.

WisePass develops technology that improves our everyday lives.

At its core, WisePass is a platform which aims to adopt technological innovations to real-world contexts which benefit lifestyle industries and their users. This becomes even clearer with the introduction of PASS tokens. Depending on the preference of the partner venue, WisePass will be purchasing the products from partners using either fiat or cryptocurrencies, this allows users a guarantee that their purchases will be accepted.

WisePass members will first be able to utilize their PASS tokens at certified WisePass merchants (merchants or companies that are part of the WisePass membership platform) to purchase the items they wish. Once this has been successfully implemented, the continued development of the technology will allow ‘uncertified’ merchants to accept PASS tokens as a form of payment will follow.

WisePass is available on both iOS and Android. Download the app and try it for yourself.

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