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Top 5 Venues for Business Meetings in HCMC

Where to Make a Strong Lasting Impression

Whenever someone is hoping to make a good impression to a potential client there’s the eternal question of where to go. HCMC is a big bustling city and there are countless restaurants to choose from. As a subscription lifestyle membership with a high standard for quality, there are several options around the city and this list in intended to trim down the options to an easily-digestible 5 venues that will surely impress and hopefully lead to a long and mutually beneficial business relationship. Try them out for yourself:

The Refinery:

Located in a historic courtyard off of central Hai Ba Trung Street, The Refinery is a French inspired cafe done right. Although there is a large outdoor patio with tons of seating and a pleasantly decorated interior — at times it may be difficult to find seating. This is due to the popularity of the venue and the high standard of quality the establishment is famous for. It is not uncommon to see familiar faces and it is quite easy to appear to know ‘everyone’ in the city. The WisePass menu is very delicious and filling and will definitely provide a lot of opportunities for shared enjoyment.

‘Namo Tuscan Grill

For an authentic Italian dining experience set in a beautifully designed dining room, ‘Namo Tuscan Grill is certainly a smart and tasty choice. Italy’s beloved culinary region comes to life in downtown HCMC. Robust and earthy flavours are available throughout a delicious menu of colourful dishes. With imported ingredients and a friendly atmosphere, ‘Namo will certainly provide a great space for open discussions and fruitful discoveries.

Runam D’or

For a luxurious setting fit for a Queen, check out Runam D’Or looking out to the Notre-Dame Cathedral. Central and convenient, the restaurant provides the perfect place for dining and casual drinks. Certain to leave a good impression, the lavish atmosphere and doting staff help to ensure the experience is both professional and comfortable. With a high-status clientele, it is likely you will find more than you bargained for.


As one of the most renowned Japanese restaurants in the city — Sorae provides a truly unique and mouth-watering experience. Towering over the city, the 2-story establishment located on the 24th-25th floors of AB Tower in District 1, provides an atmosphere and experience that will ignite the creative spirit. A nice representation of human potential, the views and the dining experience will set a mood of destined success. Complete with a wide range of private rooms, Sorae is perfect for small and large meetings.

Chill SYN Cigar Lounge

A room with a view, this cozy and sophisticated atmosphere is perfect for loosening your tie for friendly discussions in a relaxed setting. Located inside WisePass’ celebrated partner venue Chill Dining & Sky Bar, the warm woods and comfortable armchairs invite an energy that is free-flowing and motivating. Bottles, creative cocktails or classic Cuban cigars are all to be enjoyed as you look out over the city strategizing for the future.

With a strong entrepreneurial spirit visible in the many high quality venues throughout the city, the inhabitants of HCMC have many options to choose from. The tricky part is deciding where to go to make the best impression possible. Every option has their own distinct benefits and any of these choices above will certainly exceed expectations and help foster a productive and successful relationship.

The lifestyle subscription platform WisePass is available on both iOS and Android. Download the app and try it for yourself.



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