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With Kyber Network You Can Now Use ERC20 Tokens To Purchase WisePass Credits

Nov 6, 2018 · 3 min read

Innovations and breaking news continue to come out of the WisePass camp as they have officially begun using the KyberWidget to allow ERC20 token holders to spend their assets towards WisePass credits.

Long ago, WisePass began a journey of bridging the gap between the crypto-world and the real-world with their ICO.

They introduced an altcoin called PASS in the summer of 2018 with the expectation that it could be used in the first quarter of 2019 to purchase common lifestyle goods and services. This process has already been implemented however and was successfully used in a transaction earlier this month.

This was merely the beginning of WisePass’ historic ascent in the crypto world though. First, there were WisePass’ PASS tokens, then, recently BTC, BCH, LTC, ETH through Coinbase Commerce.

With the KyberWidget, crypto users can now use over 50 different ERC20 tokens to purchase credits on the WisePass lifestyle platform for various perks such as bottle service, fine-dining, grooming services, movie screenings, VIP event access and much more!

A vast majority of tokens issued on the Ethereum blockchain are ERC20 compliant and thus provide enormous potential for the future of WisePass payment methods.

How it Works

To purchase a Standard credit on the WisePass platform, send the equivalent of $30 USD in the token of your choice through the KyberWidget. The KyberWidget is designed by Kyber to enable quick transactions of ether and ERC20 tokens on websites.

Once you are on the WisePass homepage, click the top button ‘KyberWidget’, you will be able to press the button pay now. You will be prompted through a short series of questions including name, email, and wallet address. Once finished you will have the option to ‘Pay with Tokens’.

Click and you will see this:

Choose which ERC20 token available on the Kyber Network you wish to use.

Once you have chosen your token and clicked ‘Agree to Terms & Conditions’, and ‘Next’, and you will be led to this screen.

Click the ‘Metamask’ button and confirm your transaction.

Once the transaction has been confirmed and verified, your credit(s) will be sent within 24 hours to your email connected with WisePass.

Here is a quick video walkthrough of the process for extra clarification:

With these Standard Credits you purchase, you will get to enjoy a surprising number of amazing activities and perks at the best venues in your city.

You are free to choose which venue fits your desires and redeem the item you want at any WisePass venue across HCMC and Hanoi. Then simply go to their location, scan the WisePass pyramid using the WisePass app and enjoy. It’s that easy.

WisePass is available on both iOS and Android. Download the app and try it for yourself.

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