What is WisePass?

We squeeze into this article several of the questions that people have asked us the most!

This article is for people who always wondered about WisePass and how it works.

WisePass was officially launched August 17th 2016 in Ho Chi Minh City and has since expanded to Hanoi, Bangkok, and Manila with Jakarta expecting to open soon.

More than 500 people have signed up and the app has driven more than 20,000 visits to partner venues. Within the next 6 months, WisePass is planning to expand to many other countries, with the goal being to expand into one country every other quarter.

The momentum is great but we understand that with each emerging market, a fair amount of education must take place to inform the local population of how this hot new service actually works.

This article is a short 101 to understand ‘What WisePass Is’

Short Introduction about WisePass

To sum it up, WisePass is a lifestyle membership. You can become a member by subscribing through the app that you can download on iOS or Android.

The monthly subscription costs only 6 million VND per month in Vietnam. Benefits include daily a complimentary set lunch or dinner at the highest quality restaurants, bottle service of world-class wine or liquor brands at the most popular bars and clubs, Starbucks coffee, CGV cinema ticket, haircut and much more in the cities where WisePass is available. Yes, you read that correctly — EVERYDAY.

Where can you use the membership?

The membership is accessible at all of the highest quality venues in all of the cities where WisePass is available. WisePass has already listed over 200 partner venues on the platform, and with each new market we enter, the number of options for our members to choose from continues to increase exponentially.

What kinds of drinks can I get?

You can pretty much access any internationally recognized name brand spirits you would like whether it be whiskey, gin, rum, or vodka. WisePass is also famous for its large selection of red, white and sparkling wine.

The global brands listed include Absolut, Moet-Hennessy, Gibson’s, Beefeater, Chivas Regal, and Ballantine’s — just to name a few.

Ok, how do I use the app?

It’s incredibly simple. You go on the app, choose which venue you want to enjoy and once there, find the WisePass pyramid, scan the QR code using your app and choose which service you wish to receive.

Can I bring the bottle back home?

No, you’ll need to enjoy and consume it at the venue you’ve claimed your bottle. Most of our members use spirits when they go in large groups. In smaller group, most members simply select a bottle of wine.

So… Can I scan at 11pm on Saturday and then scan at 1AM on Sunday somewhere else?

Unfortunately, you can’t do that either. You would have to wait until 6AM as this is the cycle we applied in our system in order to let you re-use your scan.

Can I ask the venue to keep the bottle for me?

Nope. Our policy is to ensure the venue can welcome our members with 1 complimentary bottle but they wouldn’t be happy to keep it for our members to be re-used at a later time.

If I come to the club and get my complimentary bottle, would I need to pay for the mixers or the sides?

Yes, WisePass covers the cost of the most expensive part — the bottle of your choice — the mixers or sides would have to be paid by the beneficiary directly to the venue.

So to recap — what services can I enjoy everyday?

A WisePass membership entitles you to a delicious set-lunch or dinner at our high-end luxury partner venues, bottle service at the hottest bars and clubs in your city, Starbucks coffee, access to exclusive events, CGV movie tickets, haircuts and trims and much more in the future.

With a large existing catalogue of options for members to choose from, WisePass is continuing its mission further by working on adding another services every quarter.

Hmm, so where can I download the app?

WisePass is available on both iOS and Android.

What is WisePass ICO?

We are also currently in the middle of our own WisePass ICO which will certainly add exponential value to the platform.

Our PASS tokens will be used to purchase WisePass’ monthly subscriptions at half the price of purchasing it with fiat currencies. It will also be used to purchase individual goods and services offered on the WisePass platform across borders wherever utility tokens are legal, a service which has yet to be successfully implemented by even the tech giants in the industry. We’ve even gone so far as to gather agreements with several tech CEOs to accept PASS as a payment method.

The future of WisePass is certainly exciting and there are tons of opportunities for growth and as always tremendous value for users. For more information regarding the ICO including a link to the latest version of the whitepaper, check out: http://ico.wisepass.co/

To join the discussion and keep up-to-date with the latest news and information from the team, be sure to join WisePass’ Telegram discussion at: https://t.me/wisepass