Beyond ICT: The Company Behind Wish Chain

The advent of the Internet has opened doors to advanced interconnectivity, which in the past was limited to offline person-to-person interactions, telephone communications, and the traditional exchange of letters via mail. Now, with the Internet being so ubiquitous, human beings are not only able to communicate with each other online, but also interact with the machines around us. We call this machine-to-machine connectivity the Internet of Things (IoT), which can further be defined as the network of devices that enables different items to connect and exchange data. Moving deeper into the future, we’ve now reached a stage of the Internet of Everything (IoE), which can be defined as the connection of people, things, and data. It seems like there is no changing the fact that we are all linked to one another — whether we are breathing humans or beeping machines.

We live in an interconnected world

Because this is the inevitable future, Beyond ICT has chosen “connectivity” as the core value of industry 5.0. Connectivity will no doubt be a key term in the coming years, and Beyond ICT recognizes this as an opportunity to connect the world through blockchain in a way that benefits all people. Before we explore how Beyond ICT aims to achieve its goals, let’s first talk about who Beyond ICT is.

Beyond ICT has had a history of working in future industry areas, such as virtual reality and future stations, under different names, and in 2018, the company was officially born with the name Beyond ICT. The purpose of Beyond ICT is to build a new blockchain ecosystem that is based on the Internet of Everything to construct future stations in various locations, including subway stations, and give people the best digital customer experience (DCX). Beyond ICT proposes five business areas that will help realize its mission of providing customers with the best digital experience:

1. Blockchain

2. SD-Hub

3. DCX Space Development

4. Retail

5. Media

Let’s first observe blockchain. Blockchain is a core technology of Beyond ICT’s business, as it introduces lifestyle mining, secure big data management, various consumer use-cases, and stability. This technology will be applied to the future stations. Second, we have SD-hubs. SD-hubs are GPS-based, big data-based information and O2O commerce platforms that provides users with the best digital experience through digital vending machines, smart boxes, and cryptocurrency exchanges. DCX Spaces will be established in places that people frequently visit in their daily lives to give them a wide variety of customer experiences. Such places include public spaces, shopping malls, and performance centers. Fourth, we have the retail business of payments and purchases that takes place in SD-hubs and brunch cafes, among other places. Finally, Beyond ICT sites will have mixed reality and media zones that run an assortment of advertisements through interactive games, hologram showcases, and VR/AR experiences. In this way, Beyond ICT aims to tie together all five business areas to produce the ultimate digital experience. By incorporating new technologies into our daily lives, Beyond ICT will connect us to machines, technology, and each other in ways previously unimagined.

With its extensive network of partners and well-planned business model, Beyond ICT has already won the bid for Future Station projects in subway stations in Seoul, Korea. We plan to expand our sphere of business in the coming months with our blockchain project, Wish Chain. We are excited to reshape the way we experience our world, and we hope you join the future of digital customer experience with Beyond ICT. We look forward to connecting with you. Thank you.

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