🎁 WishUpon: Share a Wishlist as a Gift Registry

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3 min readJul 19, 2021


Wishupon — a Virtual Gift-giving Feature

We sometimes send a gift while we don’t know a friend’s wishlist. So, they need to return the gifts or exchange them for another.

Today, we’re excited to announce that you can receive a gift based on your wishlist on Wishupon. The new virtual gifting feature is to deliver a delightful experience while receiving and giving a gift.

Now, update your Wishupon app on the App Store and Google Play Store, and help your friends when choosing your gift.

A delightful way to receive a gift. Share your gift registry and get notified of purchases

Create a gift registry of items selected from your wishlist on the Collection tab. Publicize it as a gift registry. Share the wishlist with your friends and family via Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, SMS, and Instagram bio.

Wishupon screenshots — set as a gift registry and release

Then, Your friends will choose a gift for you and leave a message. Wishupon lets you know on the Wishupon app. You then experience getting gifted through an animated unboxing video.

If you want to accept the gifts, easily share a delivery address and options such as size and color. Your friends can receive an email and complete their payment for the gifted item. When your friends confirm the gift purchases, you would get notified of gift purchases on the Wishupon app.

Wishupon screenshots — get notified through the Wishupon app and Email

The virtual gift function is currently available only for iOS. Android version is also being developed for release.

Updated: The Android version is released. (3 September 2021)

The smartest gift-giving way to reduce return rates and save Earth

What retailers are concerned about is the high return rate of gifts. The reason customers return a gift is unwanted items, colors, or incorrect size. Gifting based on the wishlist leads to reduce return rates and saves Earth.

🚛 Reduce return rates

  • Minimize gift returns with gift-giving based on the wishlists
  • Reduce return rates by selecting items, color, and size

🌱 Save Earth

  • Lower irrelevant repackage parcels and logistics by decreasing returns or exchange
  • Reduce package costs and Carbon emissions

“Wishlist-based gift-giving(Online Gifting Solution)” will initially be offered to retailers as a B2B solution in the second half of the year. It will drive more transactions by increasing the conversion rate with seamless digital gifting journeys.

Download the Wishupon app.

How to share your registry with friends? View more here.

Wishupon — A Universal Shopping Wishlist — Gift Registry




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