Why You are Making the Wrong Decisions — daily.

How being busy became more important than making smart decisions

I got something crucial to say to you today, so I will keep it short. Additionally, you yourself will have more time to think this one through. I sincerely hope that this brief summary of what I’ve learned today will have an impact on your life style and rhythm of work. I bet it will most definitely have a huge impact on mine — more on that later.

Make them stop talking — and get them to start thinking! Not just thinking-thinking, but thinking deeply.

In terms of entrepreneurship, something often discussed is how to “stop thinking, start doing”. Well, that is by chance exactly what happens in most corporations on a daily basis. Over time, many people have stopped thinking! This is what I like to call “routination” — the act of handling things in a certain way simply because “you have been doing this like that since for ever”.

What I started noticing at many customers which I visited as an innovation consultant, was that when someone is asked to do a task, he/she simply executes it. When people, for example, need to define a new strategy, they immediately start talking about goals, objectives and how it’s going to create an impact on ‘x’ and ‘y’.

Stop doing, start thinking!

There is one thing that is so important that I decided (today) to devote a significant part of my daily consultancy-time to it.

Make them stop talking — and get them to start thinking!

Not just thinking-thinking, but thinking deeply. Every partaker of that design making process we talked about, first needs to be separated from this brainiac-group of people. They should avoid any kind of distractions (could be smartphones, emails or just people stopping by) to be able to think deeply about “why”.

As this is just an example, please remember my key takeaway which is this: people are so busy being so damn busy that they forget to actually think things really through.

Picture yourself in such, most likely recognisable situation.

Are you making a certain decision because you have made decisions like that before? Is the solution you think of really the solution to the problem, or are you so busy you just started creating “a solution” instead of “the solution”? Are you involving the right people in the decision making process or are they just attending because they always have? … Again — “routination”.

I’ve talked in a previous post on how getting up early gets you to start your day in an insanely productive way. Use that precious time to think things through — take. your. time!

Regarding daily routines at work and even at home: please, do less and think more! Obviously, this will lead to better and smarter actions and eventually better decision making. As your intelligence evolves over time, so is the range of possibilities to find solutions or productivity hacks for your routine-challenges. Question your actions before having them executed.

Now stop reading. Start thinking — Then, start doing!


Key Takeaways

Don’t get trapped in “routination”.
Question your actions regularly.
Stop doing, start thinking!

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