An update from the team

Dear Wispr community,

It’s already been 12 days since the swap and we as a team have been very busy, so we would like to give you a quick update of all the things that are going on!

The Swap

Let’s start with the swap itself! We will never forget Sunday the 17th of December, what an awesome day for Wispr. As you know we have worked very hard in the past months to start this project. You might understand that it was a big disappointment for us, and for you as well, that we had to postpone the swap at the last minute for 24 hour. But all was forgotten once we opened up the swap page! We had some expectations but to be all out of WSP to swap within 11 hours after starting was not one of them.

During the swap all team members were on high alert and very active in the public channels and behind the scenes. A big thank you to @Raudii for building the “Swap Control Center™” that allowed us to swap with just a click.

Swap Control Center™

We did our best to answer all the questions in the support channels as soon and as clear as possible. At 22:56 , not even 11 hours after opening the swap page, we announced that we reached our cap!

Cap reached announcement

The Wallet

Windows: We have some reports of Windows 10 detecting a virus in our wallet executable. These reports are false. To check for yourself please upload our wallet file to Virustotal or Kaspersky.

To enable our wallet on Windows 10 please make an exclusion rule for wispr-qt by opening up your Windows Defender Security Center. Here you can Add or remove an exclusion for wispr-qt.exe.

Exclusion rule in Windows 10

Mac: We released our Mac wallet on the 27th. You can download it from our website here.

Mac wallet

Raspberry Pi: We are in the final stages of preparing a guide on how to run your Wispr wallet on a RPi, stay tuned.

New Wallet:

We are in the very early stages of building a Electron wallet from scratch. Here is a sneak preview:


New team members:

We are very happy to announce three new additions to the team!

@Muskyfx: Muskyfx is a (WhiteHat) Ethical Hacker / Penetration Tester with a background as a System Engineer within the Financial services industry. Started with crypto in 2011 and has a lot of experience with trading (Forex and Stocks). Loves to break code, find and report vulnerabilities.

@Jessedvrs: Jessedvrs is a developer with a heart for user experience. He uses cutting edge technologies to build beautiful products people will love to use. He’s used to design from scratch based on his own experience and study, and updates regularly based on feedback we receive.

@hrshm99: hrshm99 is a software engineer with 6+ years in the industry. A crypto enthusiast since 2016, casual trader, with huge interest in Blockchain and decentralized apps. 
BSc Science (UK),MSc degree in computer science from TU Berlin. 
Extensive experience as software developer riding every bit of code, from the frontend to backend, between the ends and up and down the fullstack.
(Dart,JS, Ruby on Rails,Unity, 3d Print, IoT,Java,c#….)

Coin Burn:

We recently found out that in all the excitement in the days before the swap we have made a mistake by pre-mining 25.125.000 instead of the promised 25.000.000. Since trustworthiness and honesty are a top priority for us we feel this is unfair to you, the community. Therefore we burned the extra 125.000 WSP. Proof of the burn can be found here.

The actual burn


We are currently busy on updating the website and to create our bounty campaign. Furthermore we are talking to a couple of exchanges to get WSP listed. As you might know we are unable to disclose any info on the timeline and what exchanges we’re talking to as this might put our listing in danger, but we can confirm that in Q1 2018, you will be able to buy and sell your WSP!

Thank you very much,

The Wispr team.