Bug Bounty regarding our 0.4 update

Good afternoon everyone. Last week we gave you a sneak preview about the short term plans of Wispr. In this blog we will inform you a bit more about how we need your help into the final phase, so we can have a smooth transition into 0.4.

We want Wispr to run as smooth as possible. This led us to setting up a bounty program. We feel it is in our own best interest to allow you to see and help us with our project, in return for a reward.

To keep an approachable atmosphere, and to not clog our main chat, we have created a special chat for our bounty hunters, you can ask either @NikowG or @justin06 for an invite into our specially created chat room. Where we will help you with reporting and feedback. We will then forward the feedback and reports to our development team.

So, let’s get down to business.

The run up towards our 0.4 update will have 4 stages.

Stage 1: Private test on servers with the same hardware
Stage 2: Private test on different hardware/software with the dev team.
Stage 3: Closed group testing with members from the community
Stage 4: Public testing with a bounty.

As of now, stage 1 is in progress and going smooth.

For our bug bounty we have created the following set-up. We have created a few parameters which need to be followed, these will be disclosed a short period before the bounty starts. Based on those we will label bugs found in 4 categories. Each bug will be classified into one of 4 categories each with their respective reward.

Reporting a bug: 
 -500 WSP

Minor bug + Codefix
 -500 WSP
 -1000 WSP

Medium bug + Codefix
 -500 WSP
 -3000 WSP

Major bug + Codefix
 -500 WSP
 -7000 WSP

For reporting a bug you will receive 500 WSP. Reports + code fixes will have an increasing amount of reward dependent on the severity of the bug, these will be determined by our devs. These bugs have to be reported through GitHub, more about this when our public stage starts. Reward may be vary regarding vulnerability of the bug.

This will make the bounty program accessible to most of you, and will increase the progress made in the last stages of the update.

Besides these blogs we will stay available for questions at our: 
Discord: https://discord.gg/W6vw6jP
Telegram: https://t.me/wisprchat

And follow us on:
Twitter: https://twitter.com/WisprTec
Facebook: https://facebook.com/WisprTech

We hope you have a good evening! 
The Wispr team