Release Dates — Community update #5

Dear Wispr community,

Finally we can update you with firm dates for the coming period, in chronological order:

4 June 2018:
Wispr wallet v0.3 will become available for WSP owners. This update incorporates our long awaited Wispr Masternodes. A full features list:

* Added masternodes.
* Implemented the Zerocoin protocol.
* Implemented Dash's "Sporks" feature.
* Refactored and cleaned-up pretty much all code.
* Improved serveral build processes including Travis & Circle-CI integration.
* Refactored QT to be compatible with all new features.
* Added additional checkpoints.
* Added more hardcoded seednodes.

11 June 2018:
The launch of our new website, including translations for the following languages: Dutch, Portuguese and Korean. Other languages are planned and will include the ability for our community to earn WSP bounties by helping us translate. Details will follow.


18 June 2018:
Our new roadmap will be published. Since the start of this project we have learned a lot about time management and how delicate blockchain programming can be. Because of this we will adjust our roadmap to prevent further delays and disappointments in the future.

25 June 2018:
On this date we will publish the Wispr Whitepaper containing all the details, both fundamental and technical, about the Wispr project. Releasing our whitepaper will increase our visibility in the quickly changing cryptocurrency environment greatly! Subjects that will be covered include a detailed analysis of the messenger application market, secured messaging made possible by Wispr and a technical description by our developers.

2 July 2018:
A scheduled hard fork of the Wispr blockchain to activate Masternode’s and the new block rewards. In June we will post a dedicated blogpost regarding this subject including background information and how to’s to make sure you are ready for the fork.

9 July 2018:
Scheduled release date of our completely custom Electron wallet. Our developers have been working on this since Q1 and we promise you, the end result will be absolutely stunning, both in looks and features.

Wispr Electron Wallet

Besides all these dates we are very proud that Wispr was included in the “Startup Landscape of Blockchain in the Netherlands 2018” by Deloitte. You can find the tweet here.

We would like to conclude with a massive thank you towards our awesome community! As you can see a lot of good things are coming in the upcoming weeks, just bear with us a little bit longer!

Please follow us on Telegram, Twitter, Facebook and Discord and be sure to spread our story to everyone you know!


The Wispr team