Update 0.3: Anonymous and faster transactions, masternodes and more

Read everything about our latest update!

Note: although the new wallet is already available, the new protocol will go live at block 400.000, which will be around the 21st of October 2018. The current block height can be found on our explorer. This is the point at which the new features start to work. The wallet will state ‘out of sync’ until then.

Also, it is no longer needed to compile the wallet yourself if you are using a Raspberry Pi. Simply download and unpack this file and run the Wispr-qt.

Wallet 0.3 download

The new wallet can be downloaded from either our website or GitHub.


Masternodes have finally been implemented and will start working at block 400.000. In order to run a masternode, one must have 125.000 WSP. The full details about Wispr’s masternodes can be found here. A tutorial explaining how one can set up a masternode will be posted soon.

Improved security

The wallet’s core has been fully upgraded, and a ton of security related patches from the Bitcoin software have been added. Wispr’s blockchain is now more secure than ever before.

Anonymous transactions

The zerocoin protocol has been added which means that anonymous transactions can now be made by exchanging WSP for zWSP in the wallet. Simply put: ‘’Zerocoin provides anonymity by the introduction of a separate mixing service known as zerocoin that is stored in the bitcoin blockchain’’. If you want to know more about this protocol, we advise you to read this paper.

Improved transaction speed

We have improved the transaction speeds. Fast transactions featuring guaranteed zero confirmation transactions based on PivX’ SwiftX.

Sporks implementation

Our developers have implemented sporks, which is a feature that allows our developers to launch/enable chain features without updating the software.

Overall improvements

Staking has been improved by adjusting the average 64 seconds interval to 60 seconds. Transactions fees will now also be burned. Furthermore, various improvements regarding speed and efficiency when syncing the network have been made.

Version 0.4 in the making

Update 0.3 was a crucial step to help us achieve our objective of creating a fully decentralized and functional messenger. The maximum blocksize has been doubled, syncing is much faster, the addition of masternodes guarantees a stable network, transactions are quicker and the addition of zerocoin allows anonymous transactions without the need of Tor.

Our developers have already started working on version 0.4. In the near future we will announce what features will be added to 0.4. In addition, our developers have already upgraded the code of another cryptocurrency with a current marketcap of more than 1 billion USD, which they will offer to the developers of this coin. Moreover, this upgrade will also be added in version 0.4.


If you have any issues with our latest wallet, please check out the FAQ section on our website. If your issue isn’t listed on our website, please don’t hesitate to contact us on Discord or Telegram