Wispr community update.

It has been a while since you, the community, has heard from us in a more formal matter. However, this doesn’t mean we haven’t worked hard. Over the past months a lot of development has happened. Below we will sum up some different subjects which have happened over the last time span. The major subjects will each get their own separate blog in the upcoming weeks, as 1 blog wouldn’t do justice to each subject.

A quick note with regards to Cryptopia: from our understanding Cryptopia is working hard to get all trading back online. As far as we know the Wispr’s on Cryptopia hasn’t been compromised by the hack, sadly this is still all we know. While we wait for Cryptopia to come back, trading is still possible at the following exchanges.


Wispr update to 0.4

After long days of coding and hard work, we are a lot closer to our secure and private messenger. Before heading into some updates that will happen to the Wispr blockchain, we will have a test period before we will be ready to roll out our new update into the open. After this the messenger protocol will be implemented.

Thanks to this 0.4 update we’ll be more secure our speed will be increased and our stability will be improved and it will have bitcoins latest core implemented. Alongside this implementation HD Wallets, SegWit and PSBT will be activated on a still to be determined block height. More about this at a later date. There will be a specific blog regarding 0.4 as there has been modified so much. Everything, alongside with the problems we faced will be explained in more detail here.

Bug Bounty

In the test period we are going to call in help from you. We want your input, criticism and feedback on our update and allow you a close look before releasing the update. For finding bugs there will off course be a nice WSP reward for your time and patience. In the blog about the bug bounty we will discuss this subject in further detail how it will be set up and the rewards.

Masternode Explorer

We will have a brand new Masternode explorer with a few different functions and data being provided to you regarding Masternodes. Ahead of the launch we will publish a blog detailing all new functions and features.

Besides these blogs we will stay available for questions at our: 
Discord: https://discord.gg/W6vw6jP
Telegram: https://t.me/wisprchat

And follow us on:
Twitter: https://twitter.com/WisprTec
Facebook: https://facebook.com/WisprTech

We hope you have a good evening! 
The Wispr team