⭐️ New: Sentiment Analysis Entity ⭐️

Today, we are adding the built-in wit/sentiment entity to help you analyze the general sentiment of messages you receive, and identify whether a given sentence is positive, neutral or negative. This is an effective way to gauge the overall sentiment of people using your app so you can respond accordingly.

Here is an example of how the entity works:

How to add wit/sentiment to your app

To add this new built-in entity to your app, you can select wit/sentiment from the dropdown, choose a value and validate the sentence. Wit will then start detecting sentiment (positive, neutral or negative) in the messages your app receives. The confidence value corresponds to how confident we are in detecting such sentiment. If no wit/sentiment is returned, that means the sentence probably has mixed sentiment.
wit/sentiment is only available in English currently, but we hope to extend it to other languages soon.
Thank you for using our API and we welcome your feedback and suggestions here!