🚀Built-in NLP Integration with Page Inbox 🚀

Last year we launched built-in NLP to enable developers to easily integrate NLP in their Messenger bot. When built-in NLP is enabled, it automatically extracts relevant information as entities in the messages your bot receives. Today we support 14 default entities and 21 languages.
We do realize that each business has different needs which require custom entities, and it is impossible to come up with all the ways people are messaging a Page.
To address both limitations, we’re launching an easy way to integrate built-in NLP with Page inbox. Page admins are now able to create a custom Wit app and then automate responses to common requests using anonymized samples from past messages their Page has received.

With this new integration, we hope to make NLP even more accessible than before within Messenger. As mentioned in last our community update, we are focused on providing powerful and simple natural language processing for the community.
As always, feel free to reach out if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions.