Community Update — February 2018

We are grateful to our community who continues to give us feedback and help inform our roadmap for Wit. Your input on our issue tracker and FB dev group has a direct impact on what we build and improve. Today we are excited to share our plans for the rest of 2018, and look back on what has been done in 2017 with the support of our incredible community of developers.

2017 Recap

In 2017 we decided to focus our efforts on expanding the breadth of our NLU offerings. This focus allowed us to drastically increase the scalability and reliability of our core API, and support the outstanding growth of our community. We also made it simpler for Messenger developers to leverage the power of Wit with Built-in NLP, providing a direct integration between and the Messenger Platform.

2018 Plan

While 2017’s focus was on on back-end improvements to support our growth, 2018 will be about making Wit easier to use and more powerful.

We will:

1) Continue to improve the quality, scalability, and reliability of our APIs.

On the quality front, we will continue to build on top of Facebook’s technologies like Hack (which powers for our public API and using PyTorch, Caffe2 and FBLearner Flow for machine learning.

2) Make it easier and faster for developers to use We will work on:

  • More built-in entities, similarly to wit/notable_person we launched earlier this year.
  • Collaborative entities so that you can leverage entities from our community.
  • Improving data management and providing a better import/export solution and versioning.
  • Revamping our Inbox to make it faster to enhance your app.

3) Continue to support external developers platforms to use as their NLP layer

An increasing number of developer platforms are using behind the scenes. We will continue supporting their efforts by providing them with more end-points for them to use programmatically, similarly to the release of GET /apps a few weeks ago.

We are sharing this plan with you, knowing that it will probably evolve throughout the year. Please join our FB group to share any feedback you have!

Thanks again for using our API. We are looking forward to improving Wit and seeing what you will build on top of it!


Team Wit