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In our journey towards building better voice interfaces together, we are happy to release our first version of the Explore page.

Starting today, you can explore other developers’ public instances, and your open instances will become explorable as well.

You can access the Explore page from the top menu. In the coming weeks, it will become the go-to page to discover trending and featured instances as well as looking for a specific one.

With this first version, you will find 4 featured instances. You can now also share with your friends the URL of your instance (wit.ai/Francis88/Internet of Things for example) or your profile (wit.ai/Francis88) so that they can check out your awesome work!

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Wit.ai makes it easy for developers to build applications and devices that you can talk or text to. Our vision is to empower developers with an open and extensible natural language platform. We'll use this blog to share news, feature announcements and stories from our community.

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