Hello, thanks and bye!

Today, we’re releasing in Beta 3 new built-in entities that many of you have requested:

  • wit/greetings
  • wit/thanks
  • wit/bye

These binary entities are of type trait and will help you detect when people say hello, bye or thanks to your app!

Why trait? As you probably know, trait entities are entities that are spanless. Like the classic “intent” entity, trait entities are determined by the sentence as a whole rather than one or certain other words in the sentence. For example: “I’ll see you later”, “see you later”, “bye bye” and “goodbye” are examples of the wit/bye entity.

Why binary? They only have one value that’s “true”. So either the sentence has this meaning and the value=true or the sentence doesn’t have this entity. We’ve always wanted to do multiple intent detection and now binary trait entities allow you to detect multiple intents in a query.

We hope you’ll like these new entities. Since they still need a bit of training, they’re being released in Beta for English. Use them in lieu of your custom intents. As with any built-in entities, they’ll be leveraging all the Wit apps that use them and will be much more inclusive and accurate over time.

As always, feel free to reach out if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions.

Team Wit