Proactive annotations

As part of our ongoing efforts to make easier and more pleasant to use, we are launching a new version of our sentence annotation widget in the web console.

When you type a new sentence in the Understanding tab to teach a new app or improve an existing one, you will now see that Wit will automatically:

  • search for existing entities as you type
  • suggest some built-in entities that may be relevant to your app.

Starting today, Wit will suggest the following entities when relevant: wit/datetime, wit/duration, wit/distance, wit/temperature, wit/quantity, wit/url, wit/amount_of_money, wit/phone_number, wit/volume and wit/email. These entities are governed by our open source linguistic probabilistic parser. Don’t hesitate to contribute to improve existing languages and locales or implement the ones you need.

When an entity is suggested, just click the checkmark to include it before validating the sentence.

As always, please reach out if you have any questions or comments. We welcome and value your feedback to make Wit better!

Team Wit