Toward smarter entities

First of all, Happy New Year from the Wit team!

Today, we’re adding the wit/notable_person entity to help you detect and get information on notable people. Previously, you had to create a custom entity, provide a lot of training data, and find the corresponding person at runtime using a public figure database. Now, you can just use wit/notable_person :)

For example if a user asks “When was Picasso born?”, Wit will now be able to identify and resolve who Pablo Picasso is.

wit/notable_person is only for public figures that we can resolve. To detect the name of an address book contact in queries like "remind me to call my brother" or "I need to call Bob", you can still use wit/contact.

Wit can also resolve other entities including date, time, duration and more powered by Duckling. Today is another step toward our goal of providing you with even better entity resolution. This is just the beginning; there is more to come!

We’re excited about this new year and we want to THANK YOU for using our API. And as always, feel free to reach out if you have any questions or suggestions for new entities.

Team Wit