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Announcing Collaboration with Lotte Cinema

We are thrilled to announce that we will be working with Lotte Cinema to release 30,000 NFTs for the upcoming movie “The Matrix Resurrections.”

The NFTs will be available on our NFT platform, W.CRAFT, and a Matrix-themed virtual gallery will be offered where still cuts and footages of the movie will be exhibited.

The collaboration between W.CRAFT and Lotte Cinema is noteworthy in that it has used blockchain technology, specifically NFTs, to store tickets permanently in a virtual space for the first time in Korea and has incorporated metaverse elements into the movie viewing experience.

This collaboration is a first step in our initiative to revive collectibles in a digital form. Your favorite movies, shows or experiences can be made into collectible NFTs and permanently stored on the blockchain making it possible for you to revisit anytime, anywhere you want.

Please stay tuned for more updates and partnerships.

Your Metaverse, your NFT, brought to you by Witch


Entering the movie theater business in 1999, LOTTE Cinema is the leader in multiplexes in Korea, operating more than 800 screens at 110 theaters around the country. In 2014, it opened “LOTTE Cinema World Tower,” Asia’s largest movie theater and home to the biggest, Guinness-world-record-winning screen in the world. LOTTE Cinema also operates 230 screens at 40 movie theaters in overseas locations, including China and Vietnam.

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