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Bridging ecosystem allocation to Binance Smart Chain

We are pleased to announce that WITCH is now available on Binance Smart Chain.

This is the second network integration after integrating on HECO as part of our initiative to make our tokens available on multiple chains depending on its use. BSC prides itself in fast transactions and affordable network fees which makes it the optimal chain for gaming dApps.

As we are working hard to develop a NFT-based game integrating on BSC was inevitable to make the gaming experience as smooth as possible.

To kick start our launch on BSC, we are bridging 5% (2,500,000 WITCH) of our tokens allocated to the ecosystem on Ethereum to BSC. As a consequence, the same amount of bridged tokens will be locked on the Ethereum network. The official bridge partner of WITCH is Poly Network. For a walkthrough on how to bridge your ERC20 WITCH check out our article here.

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