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The long awaited “Witch Auction” (https://witchauction.com/) is launching on October 19, 2021.

Through Witch Auction, we will introduce NFTs in high demand and provide opportunities to buy NFTs at lower prices than regular NFT marketplaces.

Witch Auction will be held in a Dutch auction.
An English Auction starts at a low price and determines the price at the highest price, but in a Dutch auction, the auction begins with the price purchased by the Witch Auction team.

The NFTs used for Witch Auction are carefully selected based on-chain metrics available. Some of the important criteria include recent transaction volume, number of sales and and price trend.

Three highlights about Witch Auction


Only 1 NFT will be auctioned off at Witch Auction.

Price drop every 10 minutes
The price of NFT continues to fall every 10 minutes after the auction begins.


Users must hold 1000 WITCH tokens in your Ethereum wallet to participate.

Auction schedule

Witch Auction launches on October 19th and the first NFT to be sold is The Sneaky Vampire Syndicate Collection. Please stay tuned for further details.

How to participate in Witch Auction

  • Deposit 1000 WITCH in the ERC-20 wallet linked to your Metamask wallet.
  • Click on your Metamask extension at the top right corner of the website (https://witchauction.com/)
  • Click the “Buy Now” button on the NFT product details page.
  • Check the price and click “Buy”.
  • When the checkout pop-up appears, check the price and click “Pay Now”.
  • Purchase will be completed when transaction on the Ethereum network is complete.
  • The NFT will be transferred to the ERC20 wallet used to make the payment within 1 business day

WITCH_Official Social Media

Official Website · Discord · Telegram · Twitter

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