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The WITCH Magician Ambassador Program

WITCH was launched with a single purpose to bring NFTs into the mainstream through our product suite: WITCHWITCH, Wcraft, and Witch Auction.

We want to be more active in accepting community members’ opinions and expanding WITCH’s metaverse with their ideas, and expects WITCH ambassadors, namely Magicians, to act and grow as leaders of WITCH’s community.

As part of this initiative to invest in and support the growth and development of Magicians participating in the ambassador program, 1% of the ecosystem allocation of WITCH tokens will be allocated to the WITCH Magician Ambassador Program.

WITCH Magicians

WITCH Magician Tier

Magicians are classified into three classes: Archmage, High Mage, and Mage. Archmage is the leader of High Mage and Mage in charge of community operation, expansion, and content creation.
High Mage and Mage contribute to the WITCH team as a key layer of WITCH Magicians that actually acts and expands the community according to the direction set by Archmage.

Magicians’ Roles and Responsibilities

Once accepted as a Magician, you will jointly lead efforts in forming an autonomous team that contributes to the growth and expansion of the global community. As a key member Magicians will grow together as a team and contribute to the larger vision of expediting mass adoption of NFTs.

Benefits of becoming a Magician

  1. Discover new opportunities in the NFT and Metaverse industry.
  2. Gain practical experience and recognition in the blockchain space and advance your career.
  3. Early access to information on all upcoming events and campaigns.
  4. Monthly rewards in tokens, and additional quarterly rewards to Magicians with outstanding performance.

Next Steps

  1. Submit the application form for the WITCH Magician Ambassador Program
  2. Your submission will be reviewed
  3. If your application is accepted, you will be contacted directly
  4. Accepted Magicians will receive guidelines from the team and start performing tasks according to the guidelines

📌 Compensation may not be paid if you do not perform the tasks or if you drop out mid-program unless agreed otherwise. Please apply only if you can fully commit.

📌 Magician Deposit incentives: If you hold WITCH tokens in your wallet, additional compensation will be given proportional to the number of WITHCH tokens.

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