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Witch Auction #14 Swampverse

Project Intro

In hopes of saving the rare Swampian race, the Genesis toads were tasked with finding a new place to settle and call home. After what felt like an eternity of roaming and browsing the universe the Genesis toads discovered an abandoned swamp, with enough potential to support the future of the Swampian race.

This breathtaking marshland would forever be known as the Swampverse. A swamp, unlike any other in the universe, with copious greenery, saturated soils, and a vast environment to evolve.

View Swampverse Land on Opensea:



Swampverse does not reveal team information at all.

NFT Metrics

  1. Total amount issued : 9,600
  2. Mint price : 0.06 ETH
  3. Owner : 4,790 (12.01)
  4. Owner % : 49.90% (12.01)
  5. Opensea listing date : 2021. 11. 27

Community / Utility

The rate at which the community amassed its members are quite impressive. 72k members flocked to Swampverse’s community within 3 days of opening its server. The team is very active in their social media focusing on community needs and constant communication.

Discord Link: https://discord.com/invite/swampversenft

Twitter Link: https://twitter.com/SwampverseNFT

The Swampverse brand is filled with unique and randomly generated pixel creatures for your online experiences. Gamified collectibles with utility. They are intended to be avatars for both the two-dimensional space as well as playable avatars on platforms such as The Sandbox.

You will be able to unlock a 3D / VX version of your frog with $TOKEN. The Sandbox & Metaverse opens the possibility for the community to create community games, adventures, and experience with their uniquely owned Swampverse VX avatars.

It is their goal to innovate with the NFT space and push the Swampverse brand into the right direction. The community will be able to vote on the future plans that the Swampverse creators will propose. We plan on interacting with Sandbox and other blockchain games, Hosting IRL events, Collaborating with other projects & much more we don’t want to spoil.



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