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Witch Auction #19 Jadu Hoverboard

Project Intro

Jadu Hoverboards are NFTs that let your avatars fly in the Metaverse. Along with Jadu Jetpacks they will be key transport machines in Jadu’s Augmented Reality World: The Mirrorverse.

Supported Avatars:
CyberKongz VXFLUFsDeadFellazMeebitsVOIDsChibi Apes

Signature Series:
Grimes • Lewis Hamilton • Snoop Dogg • Trippy • Mimi Onuoha

View Jadu Hoverboard NFTs on Opensea:


NFT Metrics

  1. Total amount issued : 6,666
  2. Mint price : 0.222 ETH
  3. Owner : 3,458 (12.120)
  4. Owner % : 51.88% (12.20)
  5. Opensea listing date : 2021. 12. 12

Community / Utility

All Jetpack holders will receive 1 Hoverboard Airdropped for free on the 12/12/21. Jetpack Pros and Trippy Jetpack Holders will receive 1 & 3 spots on the presale list respectively in addition to the airdrop. Jetpacks and Hoverboards can be used together to unlock further utility.

Discord Link: https://discord.com/invite/jadu

Twitter Link: https://twitter.com/jaduhologram

cyberkong on Jadu Hoverboard


The Jadu app allows various NFT avatars to become playbale avatars in AR. These avatars can then use Jadu Jetpacks and Hoveboards to fly around. Compatible with Meebits, CyberKongz, FLUFs, VOIDs, ChibiApes and many more to come.


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