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Witch Auction #2 Party Degenerates

Project Intro

Representing the rebellious spirit of those who choose to celebrate life, rather than merely living it.
They are professional misfits, have a big heart, like to party, and are crazy enough to think they can change the world. They have flown under the radar, searching for like-minded creatives, artists, musicians, builders, and believers who dare to express their truth in a society that increasingly values rules and conformity

View on Opensea: https://opensea.io/collection/partydegenerates

Project Highlights

PartyDegenerates NFT has not yet released its artwork. However, as the FOMO for the project grows, the volume of transactions is skyrocketing. Here are some of the reasons why people are FOMOing in

Direct and indirect participation of many prominent NFT digital artists.

Team members with a lot a solid background in business and NFT projects.

The founder also happens to have background in the live entertainment industry. (Link: https://www.maisondlux.com/)

PartyDegenerates NFT’s artwork will be released on October 31.

Another noticeable aspect is its abundant utility and holder benefits. Some of them include:

  • Invitation to a private meeting and a metaverse meeting.
  • Airdrops and merchandise
  • Payback from secondary sales of NFT
  • Entitlement to IP of the NFT

Similar to BAYC, more people are aping in due to the generous benefits exclusively given to community members and its all-star roster of artists.

Membership benefits of PartyDegenerates NFT

View all membership benefits: https://partydegenerates.com/#membership


After its release, Party Degenrates NFT, which has topped the Opensea NFT Collection trading volume ranking. The team of several entrepreneurs, blockchain developers, and more than 20 experienced NFT artists.

Participating artists information: https://partydegenerates.com/#artists

NFT Metrics

a. Total amount issued: 10,000
b. Mint price: 0.5 ~ 2.5 ETH (Dutch Auction)
c. Owner: 3,829
d. Owner %: 38.29%
e. Opensea listing date: 10.18.2021


The community is active with inquiries about the artwork, and is a equipped with a responsive customer support channel. More noticeably, a number of famous NFT collectors, influencers in the NFT space flooded tweets mentioning PartyDegenerates.

3LAU’s tweet mentioning PartyDegenerates

For example, DJ 3LAU, an avid NFT advocate who has made more than $20M in profits from releasing an NFT album, minted PartyDegenrates and showed support for the project.

Discord : https://discord.com/invite/partydegenerates
Twitter : https://twitter.com/partydegens


  • September 19th: Project announced
  • October 17th: NFT minting begins
  • October 31st: Artwork released
  • November 1st: Private party in New York for members
  • November/December: Formation of DAO and community treasury

Source: https://partydegenerates.com/

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