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Witch Auction #6 HeadDAO

Project Intro

10,000 nouns needing head on the Ethereum blockchain. Each Head grants access to the exclusive DAO community and voting rights over the DAO’s assets.

View “HeadDAO” on Opensea : https://opensea.io/collection/headdao


Most NFT projects attempt to increase the reliability of the project while increasing the price by disclosing the team’s career and info. However, HeadDAO does not disclose any information about the team. This can be seen as an intention of the team aimed at a complete decentralized organization(DAO) of the project.

In fact, the project is organized and managed by the community currently.

NFT Metrics

  1. Total amount issued : 10,000
  2. Mint price : 0.05 ETH
  3. Owner : 1,800 (11.03) *HeadDAO insists that “the owners statistic shown by OpenSea is inaccurate for this collection. The real number is nearly 5k.”
  4. Owner % : 18% (11.03)
  5. Opensea listing date : 2021. 10.18

Community / Untility

The main utility of HeadDAO is the mining of $HEAD tokens through a staking system. You can get about 5 $HeadDAO a day for every HeadDAO NFT staked, which is used as a proof of a split ownership of the expensive NFT purchased by HeadDAO community wallet. In other words, the more HeadDAO NFTs you deposit, the more $HEAD tokens you mine; the more split ownership of the expensive NFT you get.

HeadDAO’s community is highly active due to the nature of their utility. 80% (400 ETH) of the cost of initial minting HeadDAO’s NFT was sent to the community wallet operated by the NFT holders. Now, the funds for the wallet are currently operated by DAO.

Cryptopunk #4744 bought by HeadDAO community wallet

Recently, HeadDAO purchased Cryptopunks #4744 for about 100 ETH, one of the most expensive NFT projects. And we mentioned above, the more $HEAD tokens you have, the more you can claim ownership of this #4744

Discord link: https://discord.com/invite/headdao

Twitter link : https://twitter.com/HeadDaoNFT


HeadDAO’s aim is to become a complete decentralized organization. Most projects reveal roadmaps when they launch the project and the teams lead the project in a specific direction. However, HeadDAO has entrusted most decisions, including the roadmap, to the community without team intervention after the conception of the project.

Community members discuss which NFT they should buy next.

The community is becoming more solid in that it aims for a decentralized organization. At the same time, the project is expected to be able to sustainable because of the financial utility of the NFT itself. For these reasons, HeadDAO is an NFT project that can be expected not only to maintain the price but also to rise.

Source: https://headdao.com/

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