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Witch Auction #10 Monaco Planet Yacht

Project Intro

Unlike other avatar-based NFTs, Monaco Planet Yacht NFTs are the first NFTs supported and empowered by a crypto native platform.

For genesis users of Monaco SocialFi platform, NFT holders will be the initial beneficiaries of ‘content-mining’.

Monaco Planet functions as a true DAO, governed and owned by the community.

Life is full of challenges but, for the citizens of the Planet Monaco metaverse, life is like a dream with your own private yacht to sail off into the sunset.

View “BitcoinBillionaires” on Opensea:


Unlike other NFT projects emphasizing their team members to boost sales, Monaco Planet Yacht has not revealed any team member except CMO due to AMA. Even though the project has not revealed a team career, several well-known VCs have invested in this “Social-Fi” NFT project.

NFT Metrics

  1. Total amount issued : 9,999
  2. Mint price : 0.15 ETH
  3. Owner : 3,290 (11.17)
  4. Owner % : 32.90% (11.17)
  5. Opensea listing date : 2021. 11.12

Community / Utility

Since Monaco Planet Yacht has claimed itself as a “crypto and NFT native social platform”, their community has surged rapidly. Now more than 100,000 members are actively talking about the project.

Owners of the NFT will receive various benefits while using the platform. For example, the owners get a chance to earn free airdrops and discounts when any fee occurs in the platform.

Discord Link: https://discord.com/invite/monacoplanet

Twitter Link: https://twitter.com/MonacoPlanet


One of the most important roadmaps is the next one: A launching of a brand new Monaco Social-fi platform.


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