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WITCHWORLD dev. report ① — My Room

Greetings from WITCH,

Last time, we introduced our new project “WITCHWORLD” and general features of the product. In today’s report, as a first in-depth report, we are going to introduce one of our fundamental and signature functions “My room”.

What is My Room?

In December 2021, there were more than 300,000 individual wallets hold NFTs(source: findstack.com). More and more people have engaged in the NFT scene, now NFTs are flooding in their wallets such as MetaMask andPhantom. At this point, some might think “What can I do with these bunch of NFTs stored in my wallet?”

Our team believes that NFTs are the “things” in metaverse. NFTs must be utilized in the metaverse just like we use tickets to enter theaters or show off our art collections to acquaintances. To make it happens, we reached to the idea that “We must develop and provide a virtual metaverse where NFT holders can display their NFTs.”

That’s the beginning of My Room.


Universally accessible

One of the most distinctive features is My Room can be reached via URL: in other words, you can enter your friend’s My Room with any device. You don’t worry about your 5-year-old PC or smartphones. Even though My Room is based on Unity, we have done our best to optimize the service to be fully functioned in any devices.

Sneak Peek: You don’t even need to log-in!

You can jump around as a ghost 👻 (lol)

Fully customizable

If you don’t have fancy and luxury NFTs to display? WITCHWORLD also provides basic furniture to make your room look distinctive from others’. Now we have few options, our furniture store will give you more options soon.

Make your own room

Now we are…

Now we are elaborating the functions. Our team are working hard and hard to provide more advanced version of My Room than now. Please follow WITCH official social media to read our latest news. We are looking forward to meeting you with our metaverse: WITCHWORLD.

We are fixing some inconvenience… 👀

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