An Autumnal Spell for Harmony and Healing

Stephanie Valente
Nov 12 · 3 min read
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Mallory Johndrow

The air is chilly, crisp, and promising.

Leaves are turning hot orange, golden rose yellow, and pale red. The night howls dark earlier. Our season is shifting as is our communities, our needs, and the cosmos around us at large.

We are enduring trying, traumatizing, and unprecedented times. This means it’s the perfect time to take mystical action, to stand up for the voiceless and the powerless, and to lend a guided divine hand for healing in our communities and the communities around us. We can be the alchemists of change and perseverance.

A simple and direct action spell for harmony and healing can be a north star for more inspired actions to better serve the world around us. This spell is crafted in mind at fighting toxicity, in particular the gaze of toxic classism, racism, patriarchy, masculinity, and sexism.

More importantly, this spell opens up the liminal space to direct your energies and perform ritual magick to harness the power of harmony and healing in the fall season.

The spell is a duality in itself – this magick is profound and also expressive as it is crafted as a poem. Why poetry magick? Because poetry spells are blending our highest, innermost creative expression with directed magickal energies. Magick is sharper, more succinct, more focused, and more powerful as the words are sacred wands in their own right. And, anyone–you, me, new and seasoned witches alike–can write a poem. Your inner poet hopes, dreams, conjures, and enchants abundantly. Take your inner poet to weave a spell of harmony and healing.

Get ready to grow strong and encourage healing with this ritual. A poem spell like this is doubly powerful under the new moon. Use this ritual with reverence to call forth new, progressive chapters of action and change. Then, the real healing takes its amorphous shape.

An Autumnal Harmony and Healing Spell

Moon phase: new moon
Day of the week: any


  • Selenite
  • Lavender or cleansing spray

Action is a part of our lives. New beginnings, change, adventures, healing, harmony, and journeys all require some kind of action whether it is in our inner selves or in the physical world. To get wheels in motion, engage with this spell. This spell is all about moving forward and cutting cords of experiences, energies, or thought patterns that no longer serve you.

For example, if you’re seeking action to move forward in dating and meet new and interesting people, perform this spell. Perhaps, you want to start your own business, and you’ll invoke this spell to release fears of failure and finally develop your business plan. Or, you might want to take a sabbatical from work and travel. Whatever you’re seeking, you’re craving a new beginning and some kind of action to take place. The spell is the first step for internal change and healing so you can see external action in the world around you.

Create your sacred space and cast a circle when you are ready.

Sit on a pillow or another comfy space in your home. Purify your sacred space with lavender or a cleansing spray.

Queue up music that makes you excited and reminds you of adventure. Use the selenite like a wand over your body.

Recite the poem-spell below.

Close your eyes. Move the selenite wand over your body as you visualize your new chapter. Visualize what you’ll do, how this new action will make you feel, what you’ll look as the action or change progresses. Go deep in the visualization. Imagine the time of year for the action or new beginning, how the process starts, moves, and evolves. Visualize all five senses around this new chapter.

Move the selenite around your body once again to close the ritual. Open your eyes.

Look forward to new beginnings.

I begin a new journey,
Sweet and uncertain,
So much
Will be uncertain,
Delicious and exciting,
I am ready.
I open my life,
Like a book.
A new chapter,
Unfolds now.

Close the circle and cleanse your sacred space. Breathe in your new moments in healing.

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