Broomsticks and Business Suits

How my practice coexists with my career.

Lilith Amberly
Jul 2 · 3 min read
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By Una

What happens when you’re a middle-aged executive in search of a deeper connection with nature and life and everything magickal that this glorious world has to offer?

My life of gradually becoming intertwined with this crooked path has been an internal evolution for about a decade in the making. It started by connecting to and trusting my own intuition, then using tools like tarot and pendulums to bring clarity to my decision making and finally incorporating spell work into the repertoire of my daily life. I consider myself a Woman Influencing The Course of History through both my physical acts and the magick I make. I have never felt more alive and so good wearing this hat.

I lead an organization in the muggle world, and while I haven’t spoken publicly about my witchy ways, I do talk about them with those who inquire. I’ve found that while the broomstick path is still a little unnerving to some, many find it fascinating.

One of the questions I’ve been asked is:

Well, for one, I don’t practice overt witchcraft in the office. You won’t see me casting a circle and calling in the elements at the beginning of any business meeting. You won’t see me chanting for success or burying a spell jar in the company parking lot. That said, I bring magick into every aspect of my life, including the workplace.

Just because you don’t see it, doesn’t mean it isn’t there.

It is a gift that should be used. One of my favorite and most subtle ways of infusing magick into a situation is through my relationship with stones. If you see me with my citrine necklace on, stand back please, because I plan to be a commanding presence in the room. If I’m sitting next to you and you happen to see a piece of black tourmaline sticking out of my pocket, you may want to check your negativity at the door next time. And in this world of virtual work, I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve smudged my laptop before a virtual chat!

Not every witch wears a pentacle around their neck or has a cool metaphysical shop on the outskirts of town (although I wish I did). Some of us are there in the cubicle next to you or in the upper left corner of your zoom meeting. We can slip on a business suit in the morning and stir our cauldrons by moonlight. We don’t need to reconcile the various hats we wear, because each hat is one instrument in the best symphony of ourselves.

We use our witchcraft to set our intentions on fire, whether in our personal lives or to seal the next big deal.

This witch has a closet full of business suits, a cauldron on the hearth, and a broomstick at the doorway. All peacefully coexisting and making her life and the world around her a better place.

How do you integrate your witchcraft into your muggle life?

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