♡ Contributors of 2015 ♡

[Louis Tomlinson voice] Massive, massive thank you to everyone who wrote for us this year — we wouldn’t be witchsong without you, and we’re so thrilled with the incredible things you created. We are honored to be a site that people want to contribute to, and we hope you come back again and again and again. Thank you, from the bottom of the witchy cockles of our hearts, thank you.

Isabel, who wrote about Kelly Clarkson
♡ Liz Zaretsky, who wrote about Cher
Luisa V. Lopez, who wrote about “Ayo”
♡ Sika Wheeler, who wrote about The Directionettes and One Direction and Leikeli47
♡ Mareen Fischer, who wrote about One Direction
Lilian Min, who wrote about Bad Witch Aesthetics and Made in Heights and Babeo Baggins
Melody Brandston, who wrote about Teenage Feelings
Gretchen Kast, who wrote about FKA twigs
Kristin Henderson, who wrote about Cassadaga
Diana Hurlburt, who wrote about Female-Fronted Metal and Smart Girls and SEXWITCH
Veronica Heney, who wrote about Songs About Drowning
Andrew Necci, who wrote about Hole
Dhaaruni Sreenivas, who wrote about Parents and Music
♡ Emily Beth, who wrote about Roommate Songs
Torey, who wrote about Weird Love and 95.5 and Jazmine Sullivan
Shannon Thomas, who wrote about Sparks
Allie Simmons, who wrote about Gender Identity and Blur
Rebecca Coates, who wrote about Brand New
Mandie Williams, who wrote about Wet and Destroyer
Daniella, who wrote about Jamie XX and FKA twigs
Asif Becher, who wrote about Amateur Love and Sylvan Esso and Twenty One Pilots and “Hurricane” and “Four Pink Walls” and “Same Old Love” and “Kitchen Sink” and Codas and Endlessness and Endings
Amulya Tadimety, who wrote about “Everyone’s Gonna Be Happy” and Mourn
Cathi Beckstrand, who wrote (and drew) about Grimes
Carson Bear, who wrote about Alessia Cara and Best New Music and Troye Sivan and the Chieftains
Claire Cullen, who wrote about Kita Alexander and FOXTROTT
Madeleine Foley, who wrote about Hamilton

We also had two of you start the year off as contributors and now you’re going with us into 2k16 as part of our staff, so a shoutout to Ashley and Jessie as well. It is a scary thing to put your trust in a baby website, a brand-new voice, and all of you did that as contributors — some of you multiple times! You put your faith in us, you lent us your voices, and it means so much. Our first year in the world was so bright, and that’s in no small part thanks to all of you. All the love, ws. x

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