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Tip 2: Don’t Stuff in More Than You Can Chew

Quirky tips on writing and life.

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Imagine what happens if you try to stuff your mouth full of all your favorite treats or cravings. Mine would be Pizza, French fries, Chocolate pastry, chips… No doubt I’d throw up immediately.
Why do we then cram our day with 8586605 tasks guessing each task would hardly take five minutes, and we also rely heavily on multitasking? Result? Unimportant, non-urgent things get done while essential things are given a backseat.

Example: I had to step out of the bus at the next stop, and I miss pushing the stop button until we’ve moved past that stop. Why? I was busy with my phone, reading, commenting, promoting my articles. Now I’ll get late to pick my son from kindergarten. Damn!

Takeaway? Multitasking is highly over-rated. If you’re multitasking, you’re not doing anything well.

Here’s the link for Better writing — Tip 1 and 3

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Brinda Koushik | Copywriter | Mom | Avid Reader

Brinda Koushik | Copywriter | Mom | Avid Reader

Copywriter | Case studies specialist | Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/brindakoushik/ | SaaS, Tech, Parenting| For inquiries email: brindawrites@gmail.com

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