Hello readers, my name is Ava.

I’m the desirable, elegant, and confident woman I’ve always dreamt of being.

I come from a blessed background. My family’s not well-to-do, but we have enough to get by. As a child, I’ve always been a little awkward — awkward with people, awkward with my choice of clothes, and awkward with myself. I never felt truly comfortable in any setting or anything I wear on my body.

Unlike a lot of the girls I know and have met, I’ve never been blessed with a great figure or a body that would shape up after countless of evening jogs and eating healthy. I’d always have a little pocket of fat sticking out on my tummy and upper thighs. Funny enough, these seem to be the only constants in my life!

As I grew, I naturally became interested in looking better. I did my nails and hair frequently, and purchased expensive clothing and lingerie that I would stare at and feel between my fingers, but never have the confidence to wear them out. Even if I did, I felt tremendously awkward in them, like the piece of clothing rejected being worn with little sense of self-confidence. I always felt disappointed in how I looked, despite receiving more and more compliments from people within my circle.

A series of events took place in my life during this time of transition to adulthood — a couple were particularly significant, one of which took me on the path of creating the With Ava brand. It was an event that set my financials back from a six-figure sum to nearly nothing. I couldn’t afford a meal out, and even buying groceries started becoming a chore because I was comparing prices of similar products, for over fifty products I needed at home for my family and myself. It was painful. Because I’m a woman, I have the tendencies to want to shop for a new dress or a fancy new pair of shoes once in a while. I had to suppress the urge to — after all, how could I afford them anyway? Eventually, I did cave in — and bought a one-piece lingerie that costs AUD $79.90 from an online store in Sydney. I ordered a laced, black set which looked incredibly beautiful and elegant, and was ecstatic to receive it.

A piece this expensive surely would be worth every dollar.

How wrong I was when I received it. I couldn’t believe what I felt in my hands. Cheap and dry the fabric was, I thought to myself. It was thin and brittle, two great factors of lingerie fabric that shouldn’t never go in the same sentence! I felt terrible wearing it. I felt uncomfortable in the lingerie— as if it were exposing all my secret fat pouches that I could easily hide in a more structured and high-quality material. This was the last straw for me. I was in the position where money didn’t come easy, and I felt cheated and infuriated. Several purchases in the past did cause some unhappiness arising from it, but I didn’t think twice because back then, I could afford to buy two or three more without blinking an eye. This time, I couldn’t.

So, I sought to find and test different kinds of fabric, from suppliers all around the world. Eventually, I decided on a fabric mix that was soft and subtle, comfortable and breathable, but strong and structured, enough to stretch out a little to snuggly fit all shapes and sizes, without exposing all our little “hidden secrets” that we could hide.

I can’t wait to share this with all of you out here, too.

Wearing such a carefully and lovingly crafted lingerie on my body, I felt a surge of confidence and allure that I couldn’t ever grasp on my own with other clothing I’ve bought in my life. Wearing these sexy little secrets made me feel like I could set myself ahead of others — I walked a little taller, spoke with much more passion and fervor.

Finding comfortable, affordable and sexy lingerie felt like a hunger games hunt for food, however.

It was tiring, receiving one disappointing delivery to another. New brands spring up every day with a promise of better quality, customer service, and price, but fail to deliver. The expensive brands were simply out of reach for a woman starting her own business, for a woman who’s trying to make ends meet.

I believe that each woman, of all sizes, backgrounds, and culture, should be lavished with great quality lingerie that’s also affordable and stylish.

Lingerie that women can slip under their work clothes comfortably in the day, or wear to sleep under clean, soft sheets.

My love for lingerie spun from a passionate believe that it should never have to be uncomfortable, restricting, or expensive, but rather it should bring out the real, sexy, and authentic confidence.

Every woman deserves the piece that captures her fascination — one that she loves and can afford.

With this, I decided to start WithAva.co, an independent label that is dedicated to providing a culmination of comfort and desirable appeal.

Before WithAva.co, it was always a choice between spending big for comfort and sex appeal, or spending little and settling for much less comfort and appeal! I want to end that. Lingerie is mean to be worn — if it’s not comfortable nor appealing, what’s the point in spending big and purchasing it?

Now, I wear With Ava’s comfortable and sexy lingerie to sleep, even if it’s just for myself. I wear it to work, slipping a bralette under my casual shirt or a one piece bandage set that rests comfortably beneath my outfit.

All my desires for the lingerie of my dreams are finally amalgamated into one.

I feel amazing.

Come and experience this change in allure and appeal in your life like I have. I want to bring you such joy, comfort, and confidence, too, even if it’s a hushed little secret of yours and mine.


Our soft and sexy lingerie is your little secret.

Wearing With Ava, you’ll always feel a surge of confidence and allure with each stride you take.

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