[Game Dev. Journal]“Within” Art Design: Full Fulfillment of Creativity on Hardware Performance Limit

As the first game of Silver Lining Studio, “Within” features a narrative-driven game with dark fairy-tale atmospheres.

Right now, the full game is still under development. You can download the Beta version of “Within” on Google Play and TapTap. The Beta version includes few beginning Chapters of our game.

In this journal, we will mainly focus on sharing how we fulfill our main art style under limited resources.

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Set a Minimum System Requirement

Bring out Three-Dimensional Space on Human Sight

Art Design With Limited Performance

These elements could be a higher cost of performance. Therefore, we use batch render to manage the elements in the scene, such as use same material and sort layer.

The advantage to separate the whole scene into 5 blocks, is to prevent the rendering interaction between objects from different blocks.

The other reason of performance limited, is to reduce the restraint of creativity, so our designers could edit any individual object anytime on the overall game construction flow.

Use script to integrate export and the feature of engine, we could simplify the dull process “from art design to game scene presentation” and also reduce the possibilities of making technical mistakes.

Finally, we’d like to invite you to try out our Beta version! We highly look forward to receiving your feedback! To download the game, please check out the URL below!

Google Play Store : https://silvrlin.pse.is/KRZD4
Official Website:https://thegamewithin.co

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Within Development Journal

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