Photo by Ian Schneider on Unsplash

Two types of WHY

And only one is purposeful …

There’s the WHY that asks:
Why are you doing what you do?

And then there’s the WHY that asks:
Why are YOU doing THIS??

Those that answer the first “why” give a beige response. For money. For fame. Because I have to, or because I love it. Because its the only thing I’ve ever done or wanted to do. Or just because there was a better way to do it. Even — to save the world.

The other response goes deeper. It answers more important questions:
What made you choose this path? What is your specific role in solving this problem for other people? What desire in your life took you to this place? What talents do you have that make an impact in this way? What’s the journey you have been on?

It answers the questions that point to purpose:
I know why I do THIS.

We live in a time where we can create and do pretty much anything we want with our careers. If we act through our purpose, with an intention that is genuine, doors open. When we put that authentic reason for why we do what we do at the core of a business, and lead with it as our guide, we create a culture that actually makes a difference to people’s lives.

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