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Without Borders Newsletter 11

The gift we have all been waiting for!!!

We couldn’t have imagined a better way to wrap up this year than with a gift to all of our writers. Your contribution has allowed this space to exist and has allowed us to continue doing the work that we are doing to make this space relevant and thriving. We are empowered by your experiences, moved by your boldness and inspired by the adventurous spirit in all of you.

The Without Borders inaugural magazine in now available for sale in both print and PDF copy on Blurb.com through the following link.


However, we wanted to offer a free copy to all of our writers as a thank you for your contribution to this space and in the support of our mission. Therefore, you should have all received a free digital copy through your emails by the time this newsletter is out.



Please feel free to reach out through our email (withoutborders94@gmail.com)if you have any difficulties gaining access to the above links! We will do our best to respond in a timely manner and to help you get your copy!

We hope that the stories within these pages will resonate with you as much as they have with us. The magazine is packed with stories and poems that share moments of bravery, feelings of empathy, and the confidence of what it means to live a life without borders. We trust that the contents of the magazines will fill you with positivity and optimism for the remainder of what turned out to be a universally tumultuous year.

Just like the experiences contained, we decided to make the magazine bold with vibrant colors and visuals.


The Editorial team is already planning for volume. 2 of the Without Borders Magazine. The Editors invest a lot of their own time and money to make the magazine a reality, with the goal of supporting the work of independent and emerging writers. As such, if you feel so inclined, we would greatly appreciate any donations in support of our independent publishing project. If you are interested in supporting us, (firstly, we would be incredibly grateful) you may do so here. Click the following link to donate.


With your donations, we would be able to work towards some of our goals for the future including paying print contributors a fair wage, advertising and growing our readership outside of Medium, and buying the rights to better quality photography.

We thank you for your support!


Being Western Doesn’t Mean Being White Brian M. Williams, JD

“That said, one of the first real growth experiences many whites in Korea have is the realization that white is not synonymous with being Western. Something I often noticed with people who first got to Korea
was how often they used the word “white” in a way that clearly
included me…”

The Day I Almost Got Kidnapped In PanamaYvette Brady

‘What are we doing?’ my brother asks me with a concerned look. We just got off the island group of Bocas del Toro in Panama and are now offered a taxi all the way to David for only $10, a cheap price for a private van and a 4-hour journey. There is one other white girl in the car already and the guys who approached us try to persuade us to come along. Something tells us that the price is too good to be true, but we set aside our concerns, pay and get into the van.

Dreamland - Javier Ortega-Araiza

“I woke up — Mist, clouds,
The delicate drizzle — The remains of the day.
No sun today in the desert,
Mountains — Those hills used to be our home.”

The Real HappinessPriyanka Srivastava

now that we see each other through that glass
now that separation has got a new meaning.

Travel Altered My Sense of Place-Based Personality Nick Keehler

“In Missouri the outside is rarely something to be appreciated. Between cold, snow, humidity, and thunderstorms, time is best spent inside with the windows closed tight. Rather than developing easy and tranquil hearts, we develop thick skin against the harsh, ever-changing climate. Rather than working to live humble lives, then taking to the bars that line every street with our friends, the damned protestant work ethic has us working for the honor of work itself.”

Slipping on the Ice in KyivAlison Marshall

“Friday was a free day for me — no work, no Russian lessons. I planned to go to my favourite market and buy fruit and vegetables, some nice cheese, bread, then have a leisurely coffee. I went out of my building and found the streets were covered in ice. I walked up to St Sofievska Square, expecting the main road to be clearer. It was like an ice skating rink. I fell over for the first time. It was undignified…”

Visiting a German Christmas Market in AfricaAnne Bonfert

“My first Christmas abroad was in 2014 when I was surrounded by Muslims working in a school in Ghana. Sweating in 40 degrees Celsius and eating Christmas cookies my mom sent from Germany. No, I did not miss Christmas. You don’t get a Christmas feeling in those temperatures.The following years I spent Christmas in Namibia, a former German colony, and one year in Thailand..”

Luring Remote WorkersJoshua Wayne Webb
Hawaii recently started a new program called Movers & Shakas in which the selected applicant’s flight is not only paid for, but she will receive special discounts from hotels, restaurants, and co-working spaces. Accepted applicants are required to do a few hours of volunteer work and learn about the local culture.”

The Sunday ThoughtsPriyanka Srivastava

“On Sunday I prefer to stay away from words.
My thoughts are tired they need the awakening of that masala chai which warms the winter’s soul. My poems are tangled, I need to free them quietly.”

A Final note:

Our stories, poems and experiences are without borders!

As always we thank you for your active contribution to this publication. This is one of the last newsletter of 2020. In our next newsletter we hope to highlight the growth of our community and shine a light upon our 104 writers!!

Thank you!

Without Borders team



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