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Without Borders Newsletter 17

Our Anniversary Magazine Issue!!!

We are heading towards the last week of February and for us it is an exciting time as we begin the work of putting together the second issue of the Without Borders Magazine due to be released late March.

The first time we went about creating a magazine, we had no idea where to start. However, our creative process was driven by the amazing stories, poems, and experiences shared by our community of writers. If you dowloaded, purchase or read our first issue of the Without Borders Magazine then you know this to be true: Every design element or visual aspect of the magazine was based on your stories and experiences. We worked to bring them to life.

Our second magazine issue is going to be more special as it marks our first anniversary as a publication. The publication started in March 2020, a month that we will never forget because for most of us, our lives were changed forever.

Depending on where you live, news or any lifestyles changes caused by the pandemic may have come sooner. In the U.S. March seemed to be the Month where everything erupted. As we approach March this year, we are reminded of how our world was turned upside down and how we have endured one thing after another. Those of us that have been fortunate to get this far still have to worry about how to move forward and how our lives are going to be different.

However, as people Without Borders, who have know what it means to face challenges by moving outside of our comfort zones, crossing borders or traveling within ourselves daily, we know how to endure, be resilient and become stronger from these challenges. We want to communicate this resilience, hope and strength through the stories and poems that will be featured in our second Magazine — This is what turning one year has meant for us.

Here are a few reminders/guidelines of the second issue of the Without Borders Magazine. You can read more about submission guidelines through the following link:

W/🌍 Borders Newsletter: A Call For Submissions

Theme: borders aren’t just physical limitation but those mental, emotional, social and health challenges we endure in our everyday lives but especially during covid.

Submission window: January 15th — February 28th

Where to Submit: PDF or Word Document to WithoutBorders94@gmail.com

Who can Submit: Writers, readers and followers within the Without Borders Community/social media pages

*** Writers or Contributors receive a free digital copy of the magazine***


Why I Hated My First Time Meditating at a Buddhist Temple StaySh*t Happens - Lost Girl Travel

“I’ll be the first to admit that I didn’t have high spiritual aspirations when we booked our Buddhist temple stay. I can be something of an obsessive travel list checker, and this was something that you’re supposed to do in Korea.
Golgulsa Temple is just outside the historic city…”

Adding Multi Color To Your Off-White Palette Francine Fallara

“Adding multi color to your off-white palette, illuminating the tones of your blankness, blending the shadows in harmony…”

Do Hometowns Really Change Somsubhra Banerjee

“I pass through those narrow lanes, that still has those cacophonies,
of companionship, of lame jokes, of those teary goodbyes, of promises made,
to stay connected throughout life, and those thread of promises loosening gradually, all bottled up…”

Tuskers, Ping Pong, and Spears Jim Latham

“Three six-foot-plus Samburu warriors sat at the bar, their left hands curled around half-liter bottles of Tusker. Their right hands caressed the shafts of long, lion-killing spears. The bar was in Maralal, Kenya, where the pavement ended about a day’s drive out of Nairobi. It was August and…”

That Different NoisePriyanka Srivastava

“The noise around me will be different for few days.
I will be waiting for the correct time so that poems can fall on the page.
It’s that time of the year when there’s lanterns dangling everywhere and streets are alive because of the glimmering lights…”

This Is Why I learned To Scuba DiveJim Latham

“I learned to dive in the frigid waters of the North Pacific, wearing three layers totaling twenty-one millimeters of rubbery discomfort over my torso. All that plus a hood, gloves, booties. It was a chore. None of that to bother with this day, though. I wore swim trunks and a t-shirt — the t-shirt so my BC wouldn’t…”

Killarney National ParkPatrick Duane

“Killarney National Park, the first national park in Ireland, is a five-minute drive from the Killarney town centre. I recently paid a visit to this stunning park of natural beauty, which is one of the top tourist destinations on the west coast of Ireland. Among many other things, Killarney is known for its three lakes….”


Let’s welcome new writers —

Will Hull, Sara Melissa Frost and Saeed Zare✨✨✨✨.

As always we thank you for your active participation and contribution. Support your fellow writes by reading, sharing, and commenting on their work.

Our stories, poems and experiences are without borders


Florence Wanjiku



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Florence Wanjiku

Writing off borders through poetry and self development. Editor of Without Borders publication for writers who love to push their boundaries