A Series of Ups and Downs

Two siblings under one roof during a panorama was not easy especially for Tom and Jerry, a cat and a mouse. It is crazy to think that two opposites will be spending the next couple of months locked in a house for quarantine to stop the spread. It started with Tom and Jerry’s dispute over who was going to cook dinner as Jerry is tired of having fish this week. They could never find a perfect middle point and lived quarantine in a constant debacle. Tom was also studying for his master's program so it made it harder to find peace to properly do school. It became toxic for the cat and the mouse so they had to find a middle point where they could resolve their issues and live at peace for the next couple of months. They took into consideration their feelings and were able to compromise their space to benefit each other. Tom is now able to use the basement for hours of 4–8 to work on his masters and Jerry can make fish twice a week and they can get takeout at least once.

A panorama teaches you a lot about a person and lets you see them in their darkest and roughest moments. Understanding mental health and taking care of one another sanity is the only thing that can get one past this rapid spread of germs. Life is like a rollercoaster and can’t be guaranteed to be the same from now on. All one can do is take it one day at a time to get past this. So take a deep breath, grab your sanity and enjoy the ride.



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Delenny De La Cruz

I enjoy reading and writing about very important matters that occur on a day to day basis. I also enjoy looking into others opinions and learning more from them