The New “Normal”

Never did I think that at exactly this time last year would I experience my last days out in the world as “normal.” I remember I was in Charleston, South Carolina on my Habitat for Humanity trip and was having the time of my life. I remember everyone was freaking out because there were two cases of Covid-19 in Charleston at the time. Looking back at that now makes me sad thinking about how I thought two cases was bad. However, on the ride home from South Carolina was when everything began to sink in. I was suddenly greeted by students taking all their belongings home as soon as I went back to campus. I simply packed a suitcase and hoped for the best, but after long weeks of just staring at my computer screen for hours I guess you can say I gave up on my idea of normality. However, like everyone else I adjusted to the new normal that the pandemic evoked upon us. This past year was difficult for everyone. Many lives were lost as well as many other things, such as small businesses. At the same time this pandemic has brought people together, as we unite to give health care workers the recognition they deserve and protest for the Black Lives Matter movement. This pandemic has had its effects on me and I think it has changed me as a person and helped me realize more things about myself. These realizations helped me discover more about myself in depth and I am grateful for that experience.



Students in “The Short Story ENG 253: Pandemic Edition” at Siena College respond as critical and creative witnesses to intersections of literature, reality, and illness from the early 1900s to the present.

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Eileen Musico

Hi my name is Eileen Musico I am from Woodbury New York. My favorite color would have to be lime green. I can’t wait to hopefully explore the world one day.