Witness to an Anarchy of Streams

It’s very difficult to properly think out loud. By that I mean that there will always be a filter. Our thoughts are not expressed with words exactly how they are in our minds.

There are so many different streams constantly floating in my mind, interlacing one another, with no jurisdiction nor rules. How could anyone faithfully expressed them.

So often my thoughts are brutally interrupted by something else that distract my attention, but somehow, even if maybe various minutes later, I get back where I started. And then something else flows into my mind.

The nature of these streams follows no rules. They fly around, caring about nothing but themselves. They cross path one another frequently and rudely but nothing ever touches them.

So many streams live together in one mind. They have no path to follow nor gravity that reigns upon them. They’re free and they are constantly moving.

My eyes are the window through which I can access these streams. This window allows me to see just a small part, not the complete view. Sometimes it’s open and I can access this incredible world, other times it’s closed and I have to watch from outside. I don’t decide what. Streams fly in front of me, they cross each other, brutally elegant. And then escape my sight, away from that tiny window.

I can’t change things, I’m just a witness to an anarchy of streams.