28. …… to Family

Chapter-28 of “Witnessing in fighting the deadliest ……Wasn’t/Isn’t Easy”

Till the last chapter, I tried to brief the situation and summarize it. But, it wasn’t an easy task to experience it and stand still. In this chapter, I would make you all understand — How family helped?

I believe that

You can’t fight a war alone against the deadliest monster. To fight a cruel monster, we need the best army and they will be the reason for your victories.

Similarly, there are many people behind us through all these tough phases and the frontline warriors of them are FAMILY.

I THANK each and every one of my family for standing still like pillars throughout these times. I can simply term it as

They stood as support, still standing as support, and will stand as support

I am grateful to them and THANKYOU everyone for all your efforts to help in this struggle. In fact, you actually shouldn’t THANK your own family but it’s worth THANKING.

For instance, there were times when I used to get a call from my mama(pinni’s brother) at midnight at 12 AM about my father’s well-being. He stays in abroad, so when I send him my father’s health updates through WhatsApp, he used to call me immediately to understand it better.

Shouldn’t we be GRATEFUL for such love and concern!!

I should specifically THANK a few people from this huge family. They are my babai(uncle) and pinni(aunt) and their children(daughter and son) and my brother.

My uncle (babai) who is the eldest younger brother of my father had enough patience to withstand any kind of problem. He is only two years younger than my father but he accompanied us every time, to every hospital even during the COVID times and guided us, and also stood as the biggest support pillar.

My aunt (pinni) I can’t THANK her enough for her caring and love towards us. I must say that we are blessed to have her in our lives. THANKS would be a very small word for her.

Children(11-year-old and 17-year-old kids), it isn’t easy to understand the situation and help at such small age. Even though they are small kids, they understood with great maturity and helped, when in need. At times, I saw my sister taking care of my ailing father, it determines their maturity.

My brother, was there with us whenever we need him and there were times when he was away from home for his work. But, there wasn’t a single day, when he didn’t call to inquire about his father’s health. A few times, when I was panicking, I used to call him and express my feelings and at times anger towards him. But, he never reiterated back at those times. Sorry and THANK YOU.




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