Introducing Witnet 1.1: The Biggest Network Upgrade So Far

The Witnet developers want to say farewell to 2020 with our biggest network upgrade so far. Find out about the whys, hows and whens, and join us in the Community AMA this Wednesday 23 December!

What’s new on 1.1

This is a clear example of the decentralized ethos that characterizes Witnet: different parties with varying — and sometimes conflicting — interests working together for the advancement of the ecosystem as a whole.

A Hard Fork Will Take Place on January 22, 2021

How Do I Upgrade My Node?

Should I Upgrade Or Should I Not?

Sheikah Is Also Upgrading ✨

Any Doubts? Show Up In The First Of A Series Of Witnet Ask-Me-Anything Events!



A P2P protocol that connects smart contracts to the real world #DontTrustTheMessenger

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Adán Sánchez de Pedro

@Witnet_io board member, CTO at @StamperyCo, founder of @LoquiIM. Microelectronics aficionado. I write code, give talks, make music, brew beer and laugh a lot.