Introducing Witnet: smart contracts with real power!

Witnet connects smart contracts to the rest of the world in a decentralized and “trustless” way

Meet the oracle problem

The solution: a decentralized oracle network

Wit: a minable token

Decentralized and fair by default

100% truth, 0% trust

Compatible with existing smart contract platforms

The door to a world where history is no longer written by the victors

Brought to you by an unstoppable team of makers

Witnet is an open source project devised by Stampery, the leaders of blockchain-powered data certification. The protocol is being developed by Witnet Foundation in collaboration with a community of independent contributors.



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Adán Sánchez de Pedro

@Witnet_io board member, CTO at @StamperyCo, founder of @LoquiIM. Microelectronics aficionado. I write code, give talks, make music, brew beer and laugh a lot.