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The Bored Wine Company has … Mutated? The apes look funny. Their fur is not as sleek. Their eyes seem dead somehow. Some of these apes have things growing on them… Unusual grotesque growths come out of their bodies. And is that brain and sinew I see?

With Halloween nearly upon us, it is time to talk about the incredible offering of spooky investment-grade wine available for sale right now at the Bored Wine Co. — The #MutantVintage

The wine that constitutes this Mutant vintage is the 2020 Nicasia Red, made by Maquina &Tabla in Toro, Spain — using the Tinta de Toro grape.

The label on the bottle however is not the usual Nicasia artwork. It has been transformed into something completely different from anything you would normally get in the shops. The wine is bottled and labeled with artwork that is resplendent with color and attitude. A label that matches your own MAYC Mutant Apes personality, and that will be completely unique to you and only you.

Perhaps all of this sounds too good to be true? I mean, who doesn’t love their wine to be covered in undead apes? Well, there is more!

The wine itself will be compiled into a case of 6 bottles, each with your unique artwork on it. This wine will be stored in our professionally bonded warehouse, and you will receive an NFT that proves your ownership of the wine that can be traded on the open market as your wine inevitably increases in value over time.

On top of that, a 7th bottle will be produced with your label as well. The 7th bottle will be deposited in the Bored Wine Co. vault to support future community projects. (Of which we have many plans in the works for our NFT holders). And finally to create a legacy vault of all the Bored Wine Co. wines that have been minted so far.

And then finally an 8th bottle, again with your unique design on the label, will be shipped directly to you. To have, to hold, and to do as you please with. The wine in this bottle will not be the same as your investment wine. Instead, we have taken the opportunity to send you something that is incredibly tasty and perfect for drinking right now. So that if you wanted to crack open this wine straight away to celebrate your new investment. Well, who are you to deny you that pleasure?

Whether you want to preserve it as a memento, drink it over a special crypto occasion — perhaps you and your friends will be celebrating some impressive gains soon — or even display your wine as an ornament. The choice is entirely yours.

Visit the Bored Wine Co. today to acquire your very own #MutantVintage for $666 USDC or 0.2 ETH.

So what do you get out of this, aside from a very cool-looking personalized bottle of wine?

If you have never dabbled with fine wine investment before, and fancy entering the market in a fun, enticing way, this is the perfect place to start. Wine has consistently shown itself to be an extremely good inflation hedge, which is something we should all be thinking about at the moment.

Fine wine has also shown itself to be a very consistent market, with very little volatility. So with your wine aging in our bonded warehouse, you can rest assured that it is going to have a stable value, it is being properly looked after. That it is being managed by a team of professionals who understand its value over the long term. People who will be able to advise when it’s best to sell it. Think of wine almost like a stablecoin then, that appreciates slowly over time with very little fluctuation to the downside in its price.

Add to this the incredible rarity of your wine in terms of its artwork. Something that, much like its NFT counterparts in the Mutant Ape Yacht Club, is completely unique and desirable. You end up with an investment vehicle that has real long-term potential.

The wine itself is also a desirable investment-grade fine wine. As mentioned above, it is made in Castilla y León — Spain with the Tinto de Toro grape. Produced by the amazing winemakers at Màquina y Tabla, Oriol, and Susana, the creative geniuses behind this delectable wine. The wine is made with the utmost care and respect towards nature, using bio-dynamic methods and only organic aids. The flavor is vibrant, punchy with fragrant bramble notes, macerated cherries, pepper, warm spice, and a backdrop of tarragon and leather. It has many of the characteristics of a wine that can age well and will only improve for many years to come. Possibly even till 2030.
Part of the Bored Wine Co. ethos is to continue to support artisanal winemakers so that they can continue to produce exceptional wines within their communities.

In short, not only do you get a cool bottle, a cool nft, and something incredibly unique — your own wine. You also have exclusive access to a real-world appreciating asset that can make you money, and that can diversify your portfolio. Plus you get to sleep easy knowing you have helped a small independent vineyard continue to make the world a merrier place.

The vision for Bored Wine Co: A.K.A Why you should join us.

The Bored Wine Co. is not just a gimmick designed to help you get some fun artwork on your wine. It has four core pillars that are worth noting and that will bring you many benefits as the company grows outwards and upwards.

  • We sell you only investment-grade fine wines that add value to your portfolio with the purchase of the wine and accompanying NFT, growing your wealth consistently.
  • Community is key — building a strong brand story, brand identity, and giving back to the community through engagement, with the community vault, and one day aiming to own a vineyard that operates according to the principles of a DAO. One that participation in the Bored Wine Co. offerings will allow you access to.
  • Bringing to the fore that excitement with NFT’s and crypto we all have into the real world, by attributing them to tangible assets and experiences as the company grows.
  • Enjoying what we have. The crypto and NFT space is exciting, creative, engaging, and fun. We strive to bring that sensibility to fine wine investment as well. Creating stories, art, and living life to the fullest.

We will also be exploring any and all opportunities to welcome new communities into the Bored Wine Co. fold too. If you have a Crypto Kittie, an Axie, a Ham, Loot. Maybe we can work together in the future to bring these amazing ideas to the world of wine. We feel as though the industry is just steps away from wine and liquor personalization via the blockchain, and we are taking those bold first steps to see this happen.

And on that note, if there are any Whisky lovers out there. Just wait to see what we have in store for you in the future!

So this Halloween, as you are out and about enjoying the spooky festivities. Consider our Mutant vintage, not only as a way to join in on the fun with your very own zombie ape wine to display in your wine cellar.
But consider it as an entry point into a long, profitable relationship that will help you diversify your portfolio, grow your capital. And who knows, maybe one day you might be a joint owner of the world’s first blockchain vineyard.

Visit the Bored Wine Co. today to acquire your very own #MutantVintage.



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