Wine for Bored Apes to toast with

London, August 2021: In just a few short months, the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) has carved out a very cool corner of the Twitterverse. Laconic icons from the future, the apes started appearing in April, quickly coalescing into a supportive community of like-minded folk who have flocked to a ramshackle, stylized clubhouse in the digital Everglades.

Owning a BAYC conveys certain exclusive benefits for members, and this now includes the opportunity to invest in fine wine. The Bored Wine Company has been set up to give the apes something to enjoy in the real world, to make their toasts with, and to invest and trade.

And right now there is a lot to raise a glass to given the focus that this corner of the crypto-sphere has been attracting. BAYC pictures are now commanding prices of at least USD35,000 on OpenSea [[sortAscending]=true&search[sortBy]=PRICE] and there are articles about them in influential publications such as The New Yorker []. Even venerable auction institution Christie's is getting in on the action, holding its first non-fungible token (NFT) auction in September [], with several bored apes expected to go under the hammer.

The Bored Wine Company has been developed by the team behind WiV, a fast-growing blockchain-based trading platform for unique assets. By investing in wine via the Bored Wine Company, you will take ownership of a case of fine wine resplendent in a label that matches your Bored Ape’s personality. You will have an NFT that demonstrates ownership of the wine and you can trade virtually instantaneously, secure in the knowledge that the physical bottles of wine will have their value protected in our professionally managed warehouse. You will also be supporting artisan producers around the world so that they can continue to produce exceptional wine within their communities.

When you invest in a case of wine from the Bored Wine Company, four things will happen:

1. A case of six wines will be produced, bearing a label that reflects your Bored Ape’s personality. These will be held in a professionally bonded warehouse

2. You will receive an NFT based on the wine’s label that denotes ownership of the wine and can be traded freely

3. A seventh bottle of the same wine with the same label will be placed in the Bored Wine Company’s vault to support future community projects

4. As an optional extra, we can also send you an eighth bottle with a similar label that you can admire and enjoy at your leisure[1] in the real world

The wine’s labels will be specially commissioned original pieces that will be exclusively created for this project by @NFTSommelier.

How it works

Head over to for a more detailed explanation, but the long and short of it is simply fill in a form on the website and send us your ape’s likeness. We will sharpen our pencils and create the artwork for the NFT and bottles of wine. The NFT will be minted on Opensea and the artwork for the labels will be sent to production alongside the bottling of your vintage of wine.

You will receive a notification when the wine is available to purchase. We will list the wine and you will have an exclusive 48-hour window to buy it. If you decide not to buy the wine during that time, it will go onto the open market.

Who we are

WiV is on a mission to bring the joys and opportunities of fine wine to a wider audience. Wine is an exceptional investment asset that has quietly outperformed the market for decades, but trading is slow and expensive, relying on a complex network of intermediaries and paper-based processes. This makes it a perfect asset to be supercharged by the blockchain. We have developed a way to make trading simple, transparent, and low-cost while protecting wine’s all-important provenance as proof that the wine being traded is what it says it is.

The Bored Wine Company is not affiliated with the Bored Ape Yacht Club in any way shape or form. We are simply giving BAYC members the opportunity to extend their apes’ reach into the world of fine wine, and helping a hand-picked group of wine producers attract new audiences along the way. The Bored Wine Company will eventually operate as a community-owned winery within the ever-growing world of NFT and wine enthusiasts.

If you would like your ape to be part of a project that offers NFT trading opportunities based on real-world assets and supports a carefully curated selection of artisan wine producers, visit

WiV Technology

WiV’s strategy is to make wine DeFi accessible for everyone., its award-winning fintech platform, lets producers, collectors, and enthusiasts instantly buy, sell and borrow money against their wine, providing rapid access to finance without the usual extensive bureaucratic processes that are rarely designed to take the nuances of the wine industry into account. WiV is in the process of issuing a native currency called $WiVA. This will be the foundation of the WiV ecosystem, a new, inclusive and borderless economy for real-world assets in a digital world.

[1] Note: Global shipping complications mean that this will not be the same wine as the case. We will make it as close to the original as possible and will endeavor to ensure that it will be infinitely quaffable



Using Blockchain technology, WiV has created a novel solution to the logistical and authentication issues plaguing physical real world assets. By transforming cases and bottles of wine in NFTs we can create.

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